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  1. Oh dear , that to me is really sad . It is surely your business to eat at McDonalds or anywhere else but it is not rocket science to buy good ingrediants and cook something yourself . Decide on the dish . get the ingrediants and the rest is just getting the timing right , with the aid of just a little chemistry . Visiting Florida in 1998 and 1999 we were amazed at the poor quality of the food and drinks available , coffee terrible , beer awful , wine ok TG for California . Tell me I am wrong but steaks looking good and fairly cheap seemed to have come from cattle that were pumped up with steroids . We do not use McDonalds , Starbucks etc. as they IMHO sell an inferior product . Like a lot of things in life the hype is generated by advertising and the media . Come on America , shape up the world is looking to you for inspiration . Fat is not fit so get a grip .
  2. Thankyou DennisD for your reply & advice given . Unfortunately our system was custom built so as such has no brand name on it . I will have a look into this recovery partition that you mentioned , will get back to this if anything more is found . JHC
  3. hayupboy


    I must be doing something right , have 4 of them & use them . Mucho concerro senor !
  4. Would appreciate any advice on what I can do to backup our entire computer system in the worse case scenario of the dreaded computer crash . We bought our computer system in August 2006 on recommendation of friends from a legitimate business run from a shop run by an Englishman . Being complete computer illiterate we never received any cd recovery or even a barcode on the tower! Luckily our m/s is ok as we get our updates etc. I should add that this gentleman has left the country - did not even say goodbye . Now , if I have made some of you laugh then so be it ; I am always trying to make someone laugh , do not look in the mirror very often these days ! Anyway I digress , please can someone of knowledge help & it would be appreciated . Regards JHC
  5. Smart arse salesperson ! Seriously , going from a dynamic , engineering , exporting successful nation to a third world level service orientated nation of losers is going to be really hard for the USA to stomach . The UK has managed to do all that in a few decades & could be a role model for other once mighty nations to follow . Anyway in God we trust & I hope your God smiles on you . hub
  6. Mate of mine went to a non white part of Liverpool some years ago & you should have seen the culture he picked up . I settled for a spicy chicken curry , bit young for the other . Obediently , hub .
  7. Always whinging about a drop of rain - poor bastards in south east austalia have not seen rain for about ten years & do you hear them whinging ? What about growing hybradised , GM modified rice in the parts of England that gets a bit of spare rain water ; could be a winner . As ever , your servant , sirs & madams . hub
  8. How wonderful to see the celebrated British eccentricity continuing to be displayed . The chinese seem to know what they are doing - eating rat with their Becks . Anyway I was right about those 2 Hull FC teams ! Tata for now hayupboy
  9. I have tried eating daffodils ( when had too much pop ) . Definately not recommended as parts are toxic .
  10. Kingston-upon-Hull is a city which has 2 FC?s ( football clubs ) , neither of them are any good .
  11. Ooii ! , did you say ?earn ? referring to Bill Gates ? Just a lucky opportunist who was in the right place at the right time . The brains behind the whole concern was Bill Allen or am I wrong ? At least Bill & his lady wife have decided to do some good with their foundation ; the Fed should have got in first & begged for a loan , at commercial rates of course .
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