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  1. So here is the idea. I realize that to recover data you must know what the file system is to find the files. However I recently had a drive crash that came back as unformatted. All of my data was still there, I quick formatted and ran recuva and restored the data. However quick formatting the drive runs the risk of overwriting a critical file so I propose a way to tell recuva to treat a RAW drive as NTFS, FAT, FAT32 etc.
  2. CRC error indicates a bad sector in the file you are trying to copy (for more information or CRC's use in data storage see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyclic_redundancy_check ) What I would do if I were you is run "chkdsk /R" without the quotes in the cmd prompt. That said it may not fix it becuase it is a deleted file and not of its concern, however it should still mark the offending sector as bad which will allow recuva to continue is search for deleted files if it is failing during the scan. Also note that the file with the bad sector would be lost. A better solution would be Spinrite but that cost $90 which sounds like it is not an option for you.
  3. What are you trying to play them with? If you purchased the videos from the Itunes store they have restrictive DRM on them and will only play on your ipod or your Itunes after authorizing it.
  4. I think I have solved my problem. I found an option to "restore directory structure" unfortionatly on attempting to recover i got device not ready error. I will perform another deep scan and make another attempt with restore directory structure on and see how that goes.
  5. Hmm this would still take a considerable amount of time as the drive contained about 15000 files and 100's of folders. Is there anyway to get recuva to export its results or is there a cache of the results somewhere that I can pull? I can make a program to do the work for me no problem, but i need the data in a form I can use. So long story short does recuva sore a list of results (maby a temp file?) somewhere or can it output such a list?
  6. Ok so here is the deal. I switched my computer to standby disconnected the external NTFS harddrive of mine and urned it back on elsewhere. I got an error about delayed write failure to the $MFT (master file table) and when I reconnected the drive it showed up and RAW unformatted. So I Quick formatted it to NTFS and proeceded to run a deep scan with recuva (which took the night). Once done It found all of my files just as I left them, there were many that were poor claiming to be overwritten by files that are not on the drive which confuses me but that aside i selected everything I wanted and proceeded to restore to another drive. To my dismay all the files from all the folders on the drive are being piled into the folder I specified.. It will take me days maby even weeks to sort all of those files out. Every file that I resotred had the original directory path shown in recuva is there any way to restore all of the files into their original directory structure? Example. Restore K:\Music\artist\album\song.mp3 to H:\recovered\Music\artist\album\song.mp3 rather than H:\recovered\song.mp3
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