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  1. Hi, I added CCleaner /AUTO to the startup script because I thought it would run in Local Machine rights and delete temp files from all the user directories. CCleaner failed to delete from directories like c:\Documents and settings\USERNAME\cookies etc. It is not a matter of user rights beacuse it succeeded to delete user files that I added in the Include list. If I run it in login/logoff script then it runs with the user privileges and can't delete outher users data. Shutdown script not always running (power shutdown) Is there a way to delete all the temp files for all user accounts? Many Thanks ncaster
  2. Hi Can I force ccleaner to recursively remove mmm files from my c:\ drive? This is my winapp2.ini [mmm files] LangSecRef=3021 LangRef=mmm files Detect=HKLM\SOFTWARE\mycompany\myapplication\1.0 Default=True FileKey1=%HOMEDIRVE%|*.mmm|RECURSE FileKey2=%ProgramFiles%\mycompany\myapplication|*.mmm|RECURSE %HOMEDIRVE% is C: in the machine environment variables using %SystemDrive% didn't help CCleaner will only remove form FileKey2 and ignore FileKey1 Is it a bug?
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    Silent mode

    Hi, I would like to run CCleaner in my network and I would NOT like the users to interfere with the program. The /AUTO keeps icon in the tray bar and the users can click it and stop the software. Is there a way to run it in a complete silent mode? Many Thanks N Caster
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