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  1. Right-click on the browser tab and choose "Pin Tab." Your tab will move to a smaller tab on the left side of the tab bar.  No matter how many tabs you have open, pinned tabs will always be visible on the left. They'll also open automatically when your browser starts. To unpin a tab, just right-click on it and choose "Unpin Tab."

  2. I tried a couple of versions of Kingsoft office, finally gave it up.  As I recall, it tried to phone home, it said free but had an expiration date, and it ran pretty heavy.  That may all be changed by now. 


    I very recently uninstalled Kingsoft Office, specifically for the exact reasons you outlined.  I got so tired of them pushing to upgrade to the paid version.

  3. I find that for both personal & part time business use I tend to use LibreOffice for word processing & spreedshet work


    LibreOffice is cross platform compliant, open source, works well on Windows, Mac OSX & Linux.


    Thanks for your input Tasgandy.  I agree that for someone looking for an office suite, LibreOffice seems like an excellent choice. Any program that works great and is free to boot, for sure qualifies as an "excellent" program.   :)

  4.  I also use the very lightweight tinySpell Free (a program rridgely recommended a long time ago on here that I still update and use) to make corrections in it


    Great little program that tinySpell.  My wife and I have been using it for many years.  In fact I included it in the "Personal Tools" section within my program A-Z Freeware Launcher.  Speaking about my program, I've been working on a much improved up-to-date version.  That's one reason I've been asking a lot of questions regarding programs and such.   :)

  5. For those who may be interested, I'm now using the following:


    - AbiWord for word processing - Folder size 21.7 MB & only uses 7.8 MB memory


    - Spread32 for spreadsheets  -  Folder size 1.86 MB & only uses 1.6 MB memory (Spread32 only comes as portable).

  6. Thank you all for your input.  I feel Andavari's suggestion of AbiWord is the most lightweight and because of my basic needs I don't need a complete suite - thus AbiWord will likely suit me perfectly.


    @ Andavari, thanks for the links.  I chose the installer vs. the portable.

  7. Very recent articles, one of which is on Bleeping Computer, states that Chrome, Firefox and Opera is vulnerable to undetectable phishing attack.


    Google fixed this issue in Chrome Canary 59 and in Chrome Stable 58, which is available now.


    Apparently Mozilla is currently still discussing a fix, but in the meantime, users have an option that will disable Punycode support and mitigate this attack.


    I'm not sure regarding Opera.



  8. Thanks Andavari, it's working great now.  The problem was that the DNS was running and thus HostsXpert would not download.  Within services.msc I had previously changed DNS from automatic to manual but when I just checked a few minutes ago it was running again.  This time I disabled the DNS and rebooted and then HostsXpert worked perfectly.


    I guess I should leave DNS disabled.


    Thanks for tip #3 - I had never done that - i.e. leave File Handling as Make Read Only.  It certainly makes sense to do that.

  9. You are likely familiar with Kim Komando (or at least heard of her).  One of the recommended programs on her website is "O&O ShutUp10".  Some may find it handy.


    Partial quote as per article on  http://www.komando.com/downloads/332689/easily-control-privacy-settings-on-windows-10


    Microsoft doesn't make it easy for you to tinker with your privacy settings after your initial installation.

    Fortunately, there is a solution. O&O ShutUp10 puts all of your privacy settings onto one screen.

    Those settings are currently scattered over many pages.



  10. I usually give it 3 tries then pull the damn thing out anyways.


    you can also configure each drives cache buffer via Control Panel, System, Device Manager, Disk Drives, right click your drive, Properties, Policies tab, untick Enable Write Caching.

    that way data is always written directly to the device and not stored in Windows cache buffers waiting to be written at some future time.


    - Sounds like me - 3 tries and then pull the damn thing out  (probably a little harder than need be)   :D


    - Great tip mta, thanks!

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