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  1. Today I've been trying to connect to my Yahoo mail and it's being blocked by uBlock Origin (see image). Anyone else having this occur?
  2. According to the info at hazelnut's link, 4.0 (or later) needs to be installed on XP, Vista SP2 & 7 SP1. I decided to use .NET Framework 4 and not a later version in order to include XP users, even though they would need to install .NET Framework 4 (later versions cannot be installed on XP). On advice from some programmers I was informed that it's best to not develop in .NET framework earlier than 4.0 in order to take advantage of better coding. Andavari, I agree that some people will skip my program if they need to download .NET Framework 4 but hopefully this will not stop too many people.
  3. @ hazelnut, thank you so much for the link, it clarified quite a few things
  4. Hi hazelnut. This is a little bit off topic, but here goes: I'm developing my program using .NET Framework 4.0. I gather you have Windows 7, would you know if most Windows 7 users would have .NET Framework 4 or higher due to updates from Microsoft?
  5. @ mta - good points. Can't argue with that. One thing for sure, it's probably best to stay away from registry cleaning, especially for an inexperienced user. It used to be a part of my previous versions, but it won't be in the version I'm working on now.
  6. I do see your point mta and I'm sure many feel the way you do. I just want to make sure that users of my program (most of whom are probably novice computer users) stay as safe as possible and I feel one way to make sure is by recommending tasks - I chose three categories, daily, weekly and monthly. An overkill? Quite possibly, but I feel it's best to be overly cautious than not cautious enough. Regarding backing up daily, good point if you are a user who frequently creates or alters a lot of files. I personally spend a fair amount of time on emails and on forums and generally reading stuff, so for me (and people like me) daily backups would not be necessary. Having said that, I am using DropBox for files that I create/alter and that I feel merits a quick back-up - e.g. when I am developing my program, I make sure I have frequent backups. In my case I backup to a USB monthly, but with what you say, I realize that I need to revisit how often I backup. I should probably go to weekly or bi-weekly backups. Thank you though for reminding me that I need to include backups as a recommended task. Because CCleaner is such a quick task, I personally clean with it every 2 or 3 days. In my program I say daily because it seemed the best fit. Perhaps I should move it to a weekly task. I think going 6 to 8 weeks is too long, especially considering how quick the scan and clean is. In today's computer world you may be right about only defragging every 6 to 12 months. Andavari would likely agree with this too (or go even longer between defragging).
  7. In my program under "Perform Daily" I do recommend a daily anti-malware quick scan (using Zemana AntiMalware). But you certainly have an excellent point about including a virus quick scan as part of a daily task. Just did a quick scan with Kaspersky and it scanned 3607 files in about 7 minutes, so quite acceptable. Now that I give it more thought, I think you are right. Like you said, the fact that the automatic defrag in modern windows doesn't do a great job, I figure it wouldn't do any harm to defrag monthly with Defraggler (the defraggler I recommend in my program). Naturally it would make sense to analyze first and decide whether a defrag is required.
  8. Very good point hazelnut, thanks. I'll move the task to either weekly or monthly. Weekly is likely too often but monthly may not be quite often enough. I suppose I could have a "bi-weekly" button but at the moment I can't think of anything else to put into that category, so if updating SpywareBlaster is the only task in that category, it may be better to skip a bi-weekly category.
  9. As you know from some previous comments I've made on this forum, I greatly value the opinions of Piriform Moderators and Members. So I'm posting this hoping to get your input. I was not sure if The Lounge is the right Forum or if I should have posted in Software. Here's the scoop: I'm currently developing a major upgrade to my A-Z Freeware Launcher program (some of you will remember I released 4 version during 2008 & 2009). One intention of the program is to serve as a guide for recommended daily, weekly and monthly tasks on your computer. Keeping in mind that novice computer uses likely get overwhelmed with what they should be doing (assuming they use their computer more than a couple of times a week for emails), I set out to try and provide some sort of guide - this was in 2008. Things have changed since then and I was never happy with what I came up with at that time; so therefore, my decision to upgrade the program. Anyway, for recommended daily, weekly and monthly tasks, I currently have the following: Daily: 1) Update SpywareBlaster 2) Perform a system cleanup (using CCleaner) 3) Perform a malware quick scan Weekly: 1) Perform a quick scan with your anti-virus (if not scheduled to do so) 2) Perform a quick scan with two different anti-malware programs (i.e. not the program used in daily scans) 3) Perform a rootkit scan (if not included in your malware scans) Monthly: 1) Perform a full scan with your anti-virus (if not scheduled to do so) 2) Perform a defrag 3) Update software (using Secunia PSI) In your opinion, does this make sense? Your input would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I thought some of you may find the following tip handy. The following is a partial quote from an article on windows.tips.net ( https://windows.tips.net/T001213_How_to_Find_Apps_Faster.html ) Now that the Start menu is displayed, if you want to launch an app that's near its bottom (for example, an app that would be listed in the "W" section) you don't need to scroll all the way down to find it. You can simply click any letter of a section header—like the "A" above all the Apps that begin with an "A"—and your Start menu will transform to something like an index. Now you can click the "W" and the traditional Start menu appears, but it has instantly jumped down to the Apps that begin with "W." You can now launch an app in the "W" section like normal, and you didn't have to waste time scrolling through the Start menu to get to it.
  11. Just watched both videos, awesome footage Dennis. The nerve it must take to do this! Amazing. Thanks for posting it. I'm going to post it on facebook.
  12. razz

    ublock users

    Thank you for drawing our attention to this. Like you, I also uninstalled Avira Browser Safety in favour of uBlock Origin.
  13. Hi Dennis. First, thank you for the time and effort you spent detailing the various reasons why posting the same post to different forums isn't considered good etiquette. Your explanation was excellent and made me reconsider my opinion on the subject. Andavari and you are right. I did not consider what you pointed out and I now wish to apologize. I will refrain from this in the future. I hope my long time presence on this forum and my previous posts will overshadow this post and that I will not be frowned upon by the members on this great forum. @ Andavari: I apologize for not understanding your point when you posted. Thank you Dennis for making me see the light.
  14. So if a person has a topic that they would like as much info on as possible, then that person if wishing to not be frowned upon, should try and decide which one particular forum he/she should post on? Sorry but I don't understand this thinking. Would it not make more sense for a person to post to 1, 2 or 3 of their favorite forums to get answers/ideas from as many brilliant people as possible? If what you say is fact (i.e. the opinion of most), then perhaps in this day and age with so many great forums being available, this "post to one forum" thinking should be revisited. Perhaps their thinking, including yours, could be revised if you/they can see that I have a good point. It would be interesting to post a topic in the Lounge that deals with the opinions on this subject.
  15. Yes Andavari, that is true. I did not realize that would be a problem. I am doing research to be included within my program (version 5). I hope I didn't upset you.
  16. - Like you, I used to use Tucows all the time and then, like you said, it became a crap download site. Very sad what happened to Tucows! -- I thought FileHippo and SourceForge was still not too bad, but now I will follow your advice and really watch out even on those two sites. --- Like you said: using "appropriate security safety nets, AV scans, WoT lookup, site/program reviews pre-checks etc.", is always smart and I always do that.
  17. Not sure what forum to post this in but I thought because it's in regard to downloading software, then ....... If wrong forum, I apologize. I understand the desire to use the vendor's own site for download, but as you know, sometimes this is not possible. In that case, what is your download site preference? I know that my uBlock Origin extension blocks download.cnet.com (cnet.com) and from what I've read in the past, for good reason.
  18. I wanted to try Trend Micro's Rootkit Buster version 5 (64-bit) but on my Windows 10 laptop it failed to work as intended. It finished its scan in 1 second and logged a report which was very obviously not correct. I'll try running it on my Windows 7 PC later.
  19. I use it on our two PCs (Windows 7) & our two laptops (Windows 10) for on-demand scans only and it runs with no issues. However, I would not run it with real-time protection (i.e. the paid version (for those who don't know)). Perhaps the day will come that I'll try it but I can't see that happening in the near future. I remember using the paid version of Malwarebytes 2 (note "2", not "3") many years ago when I was running XP and I often had OS freezing issues. Malwarebytes support tried to help (one attempted fix was to delay start on power-up by 5 minutes) but we never did solve the freezing problem. Who knows what the problem was! Anyway, as soon as I disabled real-time protection and only used it for on-demand scans, no more freezing problems. In any case, that left a bitter taste in my mouth in regards to their real-time protection. Andavari, are you running or have you ever run Malwarebytes 2 real-time protection on your XP system - if so, have you had any issues?
  20. I certainly see what you mean mta. But still, I would not think that a company such as MRG Effitas (if we assume it's a reputable company ) would skew the results in order to favor a company. In fact, in another report by them from 2017, Zemana did not fair so well in comparison to some others (I read this early this morning). Detailed results here: https://www.mrg-effitas.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/MRG-Effitas-360-Assessment-2017-Q1_wm.pdf Other MRG Effitas reports: https://www.mrg-effitas.com/
  21. I don't believe that is the case. It was carried out by MRG Effitas, which is a UK-based independent IT security research company that provides a range of cutting- edge efficacy assessment and assurance services to organisations around the world. https://www.mrg-effitas.com/
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