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  1. The recent nags about the 50% sale are abnoxious. I get that you need to advertise but his sort of nag goes way too far. Most considerate vendors will provide a 'Do not display this message again' sort of check box. You do not. I have used the free CCleaner for at least 10 years and discovered it was a great product, saving me lots of time over the manual procedures I created to do the same thing. I even purchased a copy a number of years ago to help support the cause. But I have 6 machines in use in my home and was not about to buy a copy for each of them, therefore I continue to use the free version. I don't have multiple accounts on our machines, at least no additioanl accounts that are used often or extensively, so I don't need the upgrade. I put up with you offloading the routine updates to FileHippo although I find them very annoying. The dumb decision to push (force) Avast was a big mistake; reprimand the person who suggested that move. We, your long-time users, put up with those moves because we trusted you to continue to provide a quality, useful product. However tha nags are an irritant that may push many of us away, away for good. There are other quality (purchased) products on my systems that offer to do what CCleaner does but, to date, I have not used them, preferring instead to stay with CCleaner which I have trusted for over a decade, and have installed on dozens of client machines as well as for my family and friends.
  2. I just installed V1.09 and noticed that Speccy is incorectly reporting that Firewall and Antivirus are disabled (under Operating System, Windows Security Center). Since I have a functional version of VIPRE Premium installed, I'm assuming that Speccy was not able to identify my protection. I also noticed that, under Power Profile, Hibernation is shown as enabled when it is disabled.
  3. I'm new to this Forum and registered because of the Trojan detection by my CA security suite. I rarely download software, and hardly ever 'free' software, but I did download CCleaner because of Kim Komando endorsements and other reviews I have read. I was very distressed by the Trojan detection notice/cleanup. While I am now somewhat relieved to learn this was a false positive situation, I'm even more relieved that my CA security software errs on the side of caution. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes; I'd rather have a security product that makes a mistake to protect me, rather than one which fails to do so. Savor life, and smile...
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