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  1. Thanks Bub! I'll print out both referenced pages and finally get a grip on the problem. Prosperous, safe and healthy new year to you and all members! Mark
  2. Thanks, I started using Health Check vs. Custom Clean since I wasn't sure CC was finding/deleting tracking cookies as a part of its process? Can this be achieved with CC? Thanks, Mark
  3. I frequently run CC manually, Health check, Skip to start health check. Before I click 'Skip...' I frequently first click on Option, Cookies, Right click the left column cookie listing and select 'Intelligent scan'. I started doing this months ago after realizing the the cookie clean was clearing important login/setting cookies for a variety of websites. The Intelligent scan seems to mostly fix the problem. But I cannot find a setting that embeds this choice into the software for whenever I run cookie clean or cookie clean is a part of a larger CC automated function. Is the
  4. markg2

    3 Ccleaner ?'s

    1. I will most likely purchase the software that I've used for years (with only a $10 donation years ago) once a stable version of 2x is released. Any projections? 2. When purchasing it now says a license. Does this mean that you may the same amount every year to keep the software running? 3. If I wish to clean the drive of installation files (both Windows and Windows applications) does either the free or paid version handle this task?
  5. Please consider adding an application awareness for the topic Windows application. Thanks, Mark
  6. I would like to suggest an addition to the product. A slidebar (or similar mechanism) that determines the amount of system resources the application uses when going about the cleaning process. Thanks, Mark
  7. Last week I changed the cleaner's setting to = NSA level of file cleaning. Does this mean that all files that were deleted prior to that change remained cleaned at the less intense default level instead of the newer more secure cleaning setting? If so, is there a way to clean previously cleaned files to the stricter level? Thanks, Mark
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