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  1. Dear Forum: This problem has gone away...as mysteriously as it first appeared. I don't have an explanation. Hopefully, it won't be back. Thanks to all for your suggestions. Rich
  2. Thanks Vic, My system is a generic Intel PC, not Toshiba. I use F-Secure Internet Security, Adaware, SpyBot S&D, Win Defender. I was using (in addition to CCleaner) Privacy Guardian to clean out my system routinely. Just before I started getting these error messages about the corrupt file, I uninstalled Privacy Guardian. Here are the details of the latest "popup" error window from Event Viewer and the Microsoft Link: Application popup: CCleaner.exe - Corrupt File : The file or directory \System Volume Information\_restore{000CD547-0129-4B27-B8E2-A61171E8ACE7} is corrupt and unread
  3. Based on the questions and answers in this thread, and the observation that this warning only occurs when using CCleaner, am I to suggest that this is a CCleaner bug, or are there additional tests you would suggest? I am not aware of any other issues with my system or software. Thanks, Rich
  4. Yes, I did chose the 'auto fix file sys errors' option when running Chkdsk. The balloon popup only occurs when using CCleaner, and only after the "Run Cleaner" button is pushed. It occurs everytime this button is pushed, regardless of what (if anything) is listed under "files to be deleted".
  5. Andavari, I tried these steps, with no change in the result....still gives the same warning message for the same corrput file/folder. Registry problem? Other suggestions? Many thanks, Rich
  6. Hi YoKenny, Here is the latest one. They appears as balloon messages in the notification area: CCleaner.exe - Corrupt File The file or directory \System Volume Information\_restore{000CD547-0129-4B27-B8E2-A61171E8ACE7} is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the Chkdsk utility. Thanks for your help, Rich
  7. Hi Vic, Thanks for your reply! I forgot to mention yesterday that when I discovered the warning, I did test turning off Sys Restore and rebooting. When I did this (several cyclings of turning on and off Sys Restore), I no longer got the CCleaner warning about the corrupt file. Upon "restarting" Sys Restore and rebooting, the warning comes back. Does this bring to mind another test to try? Thanks, Rich
  8. I am using Win XP Pro SP3 with the latest version of CCleaner. Yesterday, during a clean, it warned that there was a file or folder in the "System Volume - restore area" that is corrupt, and suggested running Chkdsk. I did this, but the warning did not go away. I also did a system restore to further investigate, and this worked fine. The warning goes away when I disable System Restore. Chkdsk did not reveal any findings as posted in Event Viewer. One other note (not sure if related) is that I uninstalled PCTools Privacy Guardian just before I got the corrupt file warning for the first ti
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