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  1. That file you delete is probably used for syncing when you have a Google account and have them save all your pc settings. A nice feature if you use multiple pc's and want to use your bookmarks and history on another pc, or you just bought a new laptop and are too lazy to transfer your stuff manually. It's great if you are pc illiterate and don't care if Google knows how often you go to the toilet.
  2. Nergal, read your entry244877, unchecked the box where it says to continue runnig background apps when browser is closed. Never signed in or ever used the sync settings. Didn't make a difference. Both the stable and beta versions updates did something to go around CCleaner now. Tried on 7 different desktops and one old laptop.
  3. I am having the same problem after chrome browser updated itself today at 3pm. Version 49.0.2623.39 beta-m (64-bit) CCleaner was working before the update.
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