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  1. Hi! Songbird is built on Firefox's open source script and is a media player/web browser. And I would be gratefully if Songbird could be cleaned through CCleaner. As Firefox, IE, Opera... http://www.getsongbird.com Thank you!
  2. Cool, this is my stats -> http://fah-web.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/main.p...;username=Crozz I've little more then 200.000 points and if someone wants to join this team, then perhaps I use my CPU or GPU to fold for Piriform
  3. Haha, seems empty in this team... No one? Just start FAH as a service and you will never notice when it's on It starts right after you have turned on your computer and will not give you a notice or a slow start
  4. Well, insteed of one person translating a whole language, you can use the same feature as Songbird. There can everyone translate their own language and contribute. http://translate.songbirdnest.com/ It's really nice and makes it a lot easier for everyone. Whats your opinion guys? //Giga
  5. gigabayt

    Switched OS

    Hmm, will CCleaner be available to Linux users?
  6. gigabayt

    Vixta on dvd?

    Haha, never thought about sexier Nice to hear you like it too I try it right now on a old computer, don't want to mess up my "Windows" computer ^^
  7. gigabayt

    Switched OS

    I've started to like Linux more and more All thanks to Vixta Ubuntu is nice to
  8. gigabayt

    Vixta on dvd?

    Posted some pictures here, isnt Vixta sooo beautiful?
  9. Didn't thought about that As long as Piriform makes money and survives and CCleaner still works awesome, then I'm happy
  10. gigabayt

    Vixta on dvd?

    Thanks DennisD, ImgBurn was exactly the software I needed Vixta file was on 709mb and the CD had about 702mb, so I tried and succeeded After some fixing with it I started to manage it. But it needs time, puuh! But its a lot easier then Ubuntu, if we talk about the layout But its fun to learn... when its about computers
  11. When a new version of CCleaner is available you need to go to Filehippo to get it. Probably you make money from Filehippos commercial when people download your softwares and thats good But what if members could buy "Automatic Update" for like 10$ trought PayPal and recieve a license. You guys would make more money and we both donate money and get something back, except for an awesome software free This is not so necessary but I was just curious about what you guys think? You deserves the best
  12. gigabayt

    Vixta on dvd?

    Hi! I'm interesting to run Vixta on one of my computers. And I'm not misspelling Vista wrong, no Vixta is a Linux OS. Anyway, the fil I download is 716mb big and I only have CDs available for 700mb... I've DVD+RW 4.7gb but I can't burn Vixtas ISO file there. Nero says no and Infrarecorder to. So I thought that I try my USB insteed. I put Vixta .ISO there and booted my computer and chosed to boot from USB. But no, it cant find anything and gives me the menu to choose between Ubuntu or XP. So I zipped all files but without success. Do you guys have any advices? Sorry for my english, its really bad as you see http://vixta.sourceforge.net/ Various versions here: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=206087 Okay, so what should I do to get my computer running Vixta? Its not a laptop, just a regular comp
  13. gigabayt

    Learn C++

    Thanks Keithuk Will check out this sites now
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