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  1. Hi All, I need some help on MBSA 2.0. I installed the tool on my machine, but due to some reason, even if MBSA is installed in C:\Program Files, it is not downloading the catalog files in C:\Documents and Settings\akulkarn\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\MBSA\2.0\Cache. This is happening on one of the test boxes I have, and I googled to find the solution to this problem, but no luck. I always get the error 'The catalog file is corrupt' when I perfrom MBSA scan on this test box. This box is loaded with the latest XP version, and I checked the Internet settings to verify that it is not offline (this could prevent the catalog files to be downloaded by the update agent). I have somehow managed to reach the conclusion that due to soem reason, the catalog files are not downloading properly when I install MBSA 2.0 on this computer. This is happening in spite of repeated uninstalls and installs. Could someone help me out? Thanks! abhijit
  2. Hi Comrades, I am trying to run Microsoft AntiSpyware through a script, and using comman line switches to do the operation. I am using -scan, -withui and -withresultsui switches. The scan runs fine; however, I am not able to generate any kind of 'log file' for this process. When you run the tool through the GUI, it provides a complete list of spyware the tool finds, and provides the options for deleting or quarantining the files on thw GUI. However, when I run the tool through the script, even if the tool detects any spyware, it just momentarily displays it in the display window and does not automatically clean it. Is there a switch that I can use which will either clean or quarantine the spyware found? Please help. Moreover, I have observed that Microsoft AntiSpyware detects some applications as spyware even though they are legitimate. What have been your experiences on this? Any suggestions/feedback? Thanks!
  3. Hi TwistedMetal, I had a question on the MBSA 2.0...in the results.txt file (which is essentially a log file generated after the MBSA scan) what are the usual risk levels? I scanned a few machines and received the following output in results.txt - 1. Potential Risk 2. Severe Risk Are there any more risk types observed? (Like for e.g. Critical Risk?) Any feedback on this from our members is highly appreciated. Thanks!
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