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  1. Pay Pal is costing Piriform countless contributions. It is so picky and persnickedy! By Trial and error, it lets the contributor figure out that it is the international credit card number which is to be used, by trial and error that the international format for telephone number is not to be used, by trial and error what's wrong with the home address which the oontributor knows so well. And on and on until the contributor gives up. Using Pay Pal is a pain in the backside. I'd like to contribute for CCleaner. It works very, very well. I have used it in recovering from two worms which destroyed several drivers and a couple of programs. Following a deletion of Recycle Bin contents, CCleaner really gets rid of the scraps. I like CCleaner. But contributing is not possible. Why cannot I just wrap a $20 bill in a sheet of paper with my email address on it and put it into an envelope and mail it? You want money?? Then make it possible to contribute. Scullr, USA
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