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  1. How do I skip health and do the simpler quicker clean. There should be a setting somewhere. Thanks. /H
  2. Same problem on half my PCs - is this an ad blocker problem? or Anti-Virus problem? /Howard
  3. cCleaner Pro: How can I change the folder where "backup changes to the registry" cc_yyyymmdd.reg are saved. I would like to save to /documents/cCleaner/ *.reg. Thanks. /Howard
  4. I have run across strange behavior, somewhat similar to yours. The best I can do is insure that I don't check certain selections on the Registry Clean Function. See my post v.618 Registry Unused File Extensions, clicking 'Unused File Ext' causes programs to fail" back on 14 August 2008, one page forward from here. When I run the registry check for errors, and check the "Unused File associations" some of the obviously good File Associations are apparently deleted and in particular the .msc will not run so, for example, Diskeeper will not run. The same for .htm and a few others. I can ei
  5. In the new v.618, when the Registry Unused File Extension is checked, this causes over 2000 entries to be removed, such as .htm/.html, so that clicking on a .htm/html file, the Internet Explorer fails and lots of other applications fails. What is going on? Thanks. /HowardJ
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