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  1. Hi, Am trying out Defraggler--on Win 7 Pro 7 64 bit--it appears to work OK on SATA drives (although C is ALWAYS reported at 30% defragged even after immediately running a full defrag!) BUT worse, my two IDE drives simply cause Defraggler to freeze when trying to analyse--was thinking of purchasing the top version but unless / until these issues are sorted I will go back to Perfect Disk... Hoping for a quick resolution?
  2. Thanks for that CeeCee, but I really prefer to just add a command rather than install a special application. ( By the way a year ago I tried that app and did extensive tests--in the end it SLOWED down my startup, that was the net effect!) Thanks anyway.
  3. Been researching the cleaning of XP Pro and most "experts" say the best and most effective time is soon after a re-boot.I tried the / Auto command which works fine after (eg) browsing, but at sys. start up, it seems to be trying to clean at the same time as my AV/Firewall etc etc are starting/loading, therefore I would like to add a delay of 60 secs( or longer) so after my coffee is poured, I can sit down to a ready-to-go-PC that has also been crapcleaned. Is there an easy way please?
  4. I may be missing something very basic, or I may be brain dead( a bit!) but I have entered a load of folders that I have on my "D" drive (for Internet Temp, and general Temp ( rubbish)) into the custom list of CC-- I would like to hit my hot keys to have C Cleaner clean them out whenever my AV places junk in Quarantine there, and during a browsing session etc.....but when I run CCleaner, all the temp files and stuff are still there afterwards. Is there a "save" function I am missing for my additions under Options? What am I doing wrong please? Thanks for an otherwise perfect app. Ian.
  5. Thanks for that djlizard works like a charm--Ian.
  6. I need a hot key--not to open the C Cleaner App, just to run it silently. useful for whilst browsing from time to time-I like the context on the R Bin, but whilst windows are open, can't see the R Bin I don't want to re-boot and it won't be convenient to use Task Scheduler. For example;- I hit the Hot Key-CCleaner runs immediately in the background as and when I want it to. Is this possible please? Which path to use? Thanks for excellent Program too. Ian ( Island of Malta)
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