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  1. I also noticed that I still have some NPROTECT folders in my recycle bin even though it has been long since I uninstalled Norton Systemworks.... could that have anything to do with it? Mjark
  2. Even that didn't work... is there need for having any SP installed?
  3. Thank you for your reply, Yes I did install that version of VB Runtime. I will try the rest of your suggestions. Didn?t the included textfile make sense to anybody? Can I get some useful information out of that? thanks, Mjark
  4. Hello, I've installed different versions of CCleaner. 1.19, 1.20, 1.21 When I open CCleaner (either directly in Start Menu or via Recycle Bin) it crashes immediately, producing the error-report I've included. Tried several things. - Installed VBRun6 - Disabled Script Blocking - Installed Java Runtime Environment latest version - Anybody any suggestions? Oh yes.... running XP. Mjark appcompat.txt appcompat.txt
  5. Yeah.... didn't work. - Installed VBRun6 - Installed previous versions (1.20 and 1.19) - Installed new Java - Disabled Script Blocking in NAV No luck so far..... more ideas, anybody? Mjark
  6. Hi All, Yesterday I installed CCleaner with ccsetup121.exe (so I guess version 1.21). After running it it immediately crashes. Closes itself and get the following report: (see attachment) I have read some threads about VB modules, but it doesn?t seem to be related with that. If anyone can help me... would be great. thanks, Mjark appcompat.txt appcompat.txt
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