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  1. I have to agree with Avorax, I run loads on mine, and proud of it in fact if it had not of been for all doing there job last night, when my girlfriend entered a doggy site, this computer would of stopped dead, the main two that stopped it was Avorax Shield and Avast.
  2. Hi feed back I wish I had found Arovax before as I have just paid for WinPatrol 9.7 and I find your one better and easier to use. For instants I have set WinPatrol to start up with Windows and no matter what I try I can not get it to do it. But now I have Paid for it I am stuck with it. So keep up the work and yes it has my vote.
  3. Hi just downloaded and running your program you recommended, and have also joined your forum, will keep you informed how it performs with my antivirus I have installed which is Avast.
  4. normally this happens just before your antivirus kicks in or it needs updating.
  5. Hi this may help you. http://www.pchell.com/hardware/beepcodes.shtml TYPEor paste link and look through i hope it helps you.
  6. Hi i use microsoft antispyware, CCleaner, Ad-Aware SE Plus, Ad-watch SE Plus, Yahoo Antispyware, WinPatrol 9.7 Pro. all genuine, not pirated, and all paid for to help to develop them more. I don't like boasters who admit they steal it, they should do what microsoft do and that is make it so that you have to validate it before you can use it.
  7. Hi not much to say except CCleaner works well does everything you want from it and works well with everything else i use.
  8. thedon57


    When you replug it in on your usb windows should find it ok as drivers will still be installed.
  9. The ink does not dry quick and they smug and smear and have been known to leak with printer even turned off.
  10. Mine has to be Avast Antivirus because if i did not have that as my main one my computer would not run.
  11. Hi yes winpatrol 9.7 beta very good works with everything else you have on your web site, like already mentioned will ask you before it does anything.
  12. CCleaner is one of many programs I use and was a bit unsure of using it but since installing it I also trust it so much that I also do not backup everytime it cleans.
  13. Hi can you do a post hijack log and post it.
  14. Check to see if that the right version comes up as the number you have given is for windows xp.
  15. Hi relooked it up you need the update from the update windows to make the driver work.
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