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  1. There could be another item in the Firefox list, to delete all stored passwords.
  2. Using the default window size of CCleaner, the Options -> Settings -> Wipe Free Space drive list is not shown right (you can see in the first image). If you click on it, the drives in the list dissapear (you can see this in the second image). 1st: 2nd:
  3. What effect does the option to "Hide warning messages" (HideWarnings=1) have? It doesn't disable the warning messages that say: - that you have a browser window open (MSG_WARNMOZCACHE=False) - that you will permanently delete files (MSG_CONFIRMCLEAN=False) Are there other warning messages?
  4. I have a lot of large files (300 - 900 MB).
  5. I defragmented my OS partition while in safe mode, then restarted and ran in normal mode. I analyzed the partition again and the amount of defragmented files shown in the disk map differed from the "Analysis results" text (a couple of "dots" on the disk map means more than one 5.8 kb file on a 110 GB partition). Ran another defragment and I guess the drive map was showing the correct status of my partition because the defrag lasted for at least half an hour. Also, under the "Current state" data, a lot of files were shown that they were defragmented. Defraggler 1.04.098 Windows Vista Business SP1 x86
  6. The "Defrag Folder..." is useful, but I would like to be able to select multiple folders for defragmentation (with checkboxes). For example all folders in my C: drive except for one.
  7. I was more interested in the other advantage of portable applications: to keep the settings so I don't have to reconfigure when reinstalling or using it on another machine.
  8. The latest portable version of Defraggler uses the Windows registry for storing it's settings. This is not very portable. The other two Piriform products use .ini files.
  9. There is a small bug regarding the appearance of a text after I run a disk check with Defraggler 1.02.078. The text isn't wrapped so it apeares incomplete. The image shows it better.
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