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  1. Ok we all read it the big disclaimer but obviously support was added to CCleaner so it reads this file so officially or non officially it recognises the file and the rest is as they say water under the bridge. I have done similar work where it ended up being included as default features though on commercial software after it was proved it worked. I think this as proved it works http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=1110 That works very very well indeed though Im not sure its been updated with all the programs it actually supports. As a nobody I stand back and look at this potential and how it could bring about under one single supported solution automatically adding on of additional programs via wizard driven following those guidelines. surely this is obvious... Now as all the risks start flying in and why this was done yet there it is use it at own risk makes me think even more are we all not already taking some risks by using any piece of software? Does CCleaner already while instalation TOS or TOC or whatever you wanna call it disclaim about all this nonsense in same/similar way? I think it does... Guys/Girls/and all other in between I joined this forum after reading it for about two months I used the program and use it in comparisonm to the retail programs just to wipe there smug faces what opensource can offer though in some instances CCleaner as been beaten in the tem file cleaner amount and yet all this potential and forgive the term but what's up with the tip toeying around like a freaking balerina?
  2. finally someone sees the potential on this...
  3. Well what about the old reg hack unload dll trick. That forrces programs to allways close all resources after themselves Open your registry and find the key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer]. Create a new sub-key named 'AlwaysUnloadDLL' and set the default value to equal '1' to disable Windows caching the DLL in memory. Restart Windows for the change to take effect. Registry Editor Example | Name Type Data | | (Default) REG_SZ "1" | - | HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion... | - Registry Settings System Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ AlwaysUnloadDLL] Value Name: Default Data Type: REG_SZ (String Value) Value Data: (1 = enable) that works for all windows in fact I doubts that anyother program would go as further than actually doing just that. only enforcing it straight away. applying that reg trick on reboot you note that more memore is available after you close programs. in the long haul I dont see the value of cluttering the registry (which impacts on system performance) by intalling something that at the same time will apparently improve performance or release memory... just ilogical...
  4. I would still like to see a button thats says empty recycle bin with CCleaner and anothe contect menu that says wipe this file with CCleaner or shorter words to that effect still optional as all others. I would love to see a smart option to add a program instead of being manually added to this unofficial file after all it would make things easier to share for the least tech of us. and there are many indeed. And while Im in a row how about making the analize and run cleaner buttons closer to each other "like lovers strolling on a crap hunting mission holding hands while they hunt for crap...?" Also would it be mildy usefull to recommend alll temporary files are wiped out I find many are left behind I posted this in another appropriate topic.. Ill see if I cna point the way
  5. ram is volatile memory as soon as data/program is unloaded the ram space is free almost in a blink of an eye unless you have other issues... There used to be programs that force the release of ram but that is just cramming and causing performance issues with other programs running. Like imagine somene puts a plastic bag over your head your running out of oxigen you may die... remove the plastic bag and your uffing and puffing but you be ok, lord knows aht effects that as on code... Someone should come up with compressing the programs footprint on the ram consumption much easier... as if!
  6. I have ran two crap cleaners your side by side with another wich is only part of a bigger program and not its main feature. I ran CCleaner and wiped out a 180MB'ish of all sorts... Then I ran the other I mean straight after another 121 temp files were wiped releasing an extra 96MB... I will try and find a log and post it here..... Ah also the sqm files in xp are not getting cleaned those are messenger something or others arent they? C:/ hidden files? yea I noticed that dont knwo why but in vista its workig ok on that front.
  7. Yes I agree more agressive and poorly conceived software does do more harm that good, however one thing of being a newby here has meant I have had plenty of experence with programs like you suggest and I experienced CCleaner I think you will agree with me that the developers of this program would not make such a mistake as to add dangerous options to the program though its safe to say that orphaned files dont have any use.... I thought removing the KB unistallers and all those redundant entries was a bold a great move even if that could be viewd as "unwise" by other professionals. And I love getting rid of Crap no use no point out it goes...
  8. yes they have different effects but they both open CCleaner... the one that runs CCleaner you could make it just wipe the recycle bin the other option is just totally useless, might as well just use the shortcut on the menu or a dock where I keep my icons/shortcuts open CCleaner on context menu of the recycle bin is ilogical. Option permanent to context menu erase with CCleaner instead of that other one. thats one of the things this program is missing. you guys are all users and maybe you run it twice a week or maybe once a month I run it once a day and everytime theres hundreds of MB of crap gone I like to keep the disk as free and unclutered as possible so it maximizes efficiency and speed the smart defragmenter keeps it all ship shape. Any options that are there can just be removed to suit the different user styles I may just want to empty the bin and not all else Im talking about flexibility and option that appeal to more users. Dont even know what to make of that... maybe Im too old and actually have something to say sorry if that was directed at me I sincerely apologise for boring you to death. I couldnt agree more with this comment everyone is indeed different but that does not mean to say that were any options added or program be made more flexible that users like myself wouldnt mind having more control and specific options in a program in which to do it, options with that said that a user like yourself would not use or affect your computing experience. or the way you use or like to use CCleaner. Im glad that my post caused so much interest and disgust, I have to admit I did get a response! You guys are just a cute bunch very amusing community, I think Ill stick around...
  9. though this is an old post its a good point indeed I was surprised to see how much crap you can really get rid off using CCleaner but like any tool of the sort its still needs to get in the guts of where more crap is hiding, I say it for myself here, good suggestion. Linux does have a package that does just that, its a shame that Linux hardware support is at best still in it infancy otherwise I think MS would be in for a shock. and we wouldnt be having this conversation
  10. I thought that CCleaner is already sort of portable because it can save its settings to .ini file, I would just install it to your U? drive or any USB drive and save setting to .ini It works fine here and have no issues with upgrading it either in fact its my wife that takes it with her to work...
  11. I mentioned Acronis because they are amongst the few that produced privacy and crap cleaners with a twist and have listened to their Testers, The reply I expect from anyone is their honest opinion if any! Obviously you had none of relevant importance to share, though you did reply. I agree with you hazelnut that suggestions are just suggestions and I wouldnt expect realistically all the developers to drop everything and come read and reply on any of the suggestions, but it would be nice if the rest of the community would, like I said shared their views good or bad... Maybe Im deluding myself but hey wouldnt that be nice? I joined here to maybe share some of my experience and ideas I cant tell you off the bat that yes I mention Acronis true I beta test for them but I also test for much larger hardware manufacturers and many software developers, amongst many of my experiences there is web usability, networking, customer relations just to mention a few and I way older that most people would think, though I tend to get somewhat sarcastic and let some some of inner child take the better of me sometimes... I joined here because of my admiration to people that like myself share an ideal that goes beyond money (though some is needed in any case). I know that you know you have a great program but like any program I look at it and see beyond what it is and think of what it could be... So what is it that you think about what I suggested? what does anyone?
  12. A few weeks ago I posted in the wrong part of theforum some suggestions, I got a very warm welcome to the forum but that was it, I suppose Im used to more interaction in other projects that I am involved in or programs I use both commersial and opensource/freeware. Anywho Whne seting up CCleaner your prompted with a menu to add options to run CCleaner on recycle bin or open cclearner on recycle bin... Both of these have same effect as I notice it, they just open CCleaner which a shortcut is able to do anyways... My suggestion is to simplify these two needless options IMO. My suggestion is to add a Clean with CCleaner or empty with CCleaner to context menu which would especially work with the security overwriting method if so selected on option by user or just a normal delete... If when right clicking over recycle biun choose the Empty with CCleaner the routine to clean/empty recycle bin would be called. On the other option it would reside on context menu and available when right clicking any file/folder which would be erase with CCleaner bypassing the Recicle bin altogether or not aslo another option the user would have available, adding the real flexibility and usability not to mention exposing the power of this great tool rather effectively. These options could be further improved and actually not added just during install but also available like for e.g winrar context menu option that can be modified on the fly to include more or less or remove context menu options altogether. the same way the current options are also handled basically on settings menu. There is also no option to run CCleaner on shutdown or even shutdown computer once CCleaner is finished processing tasks. I think both of these would make a terrific addition to the already existing options. Another small thing I notice and could do with a tweak is when CCleaner finishes cleaning tasks the run Cleaner button remain active though pressing it has no effect since tasks have already been executed. What I am suggesting is to disable this button once tasks have been run no biggie as is but its a more sensible and professional approach. Another suggestion would be if at all possible to dumb down how to add new programs to CCleaner just in case they are not supported and not only that uploading these changes to you so that maybe if of interst the options could be added by default on a future release of CCleaner. hehe last but not least though useless suggestion would perhaps be for CCleaner to keep a small log for statistics of how many files it has cleaned to date. on another completly different note having used commercial versions of cleaning programs I have noticed that in comparison even after running CCleaner these programs will go and find a few more hundred MB of files out of somewhere this is more noticeable with Acronis true image expert for XP and the new and Upcomming Acronis True Image 2009 which I have been testing and and now includes a cleaning option for Vista since the privacy expert is not compatible with Vista. this happens in either XP or Vista Just a curiosity I though I would mention. Curiosities: Acronis on the other Hand have added a bunch of new features I requested over the years and some other tester suggestions to ATI2009 that included the new GUI better FTP support, backup consolidations etc... which is a better improvement but they missed my point completly so I am designing the new GUI for the next ATI which will add unique qualities to the gui and make it stand on its own like pretty much what you have already achieved with CCleaner. Either way you look at this I think your product has a tremendous potential and while it is worked on and updated regularly I hope you consider opening up and unleashing the power more efficiently that your program can already deliver. Great work and congratulations on this product...
  13. I would use true image AT11 is able to do this image the drive as is it will create a full backup which you can later open and retieve files from save the backup to external drive. you need a booting computer to create a bootable rescue media when that ATI rescue media is >create iso> burn iso on CD >created on a CD loading on affected PC>create Full Image of what all partions and whatever your interested or even just single out the files you need and create image ahve a play a little dont despair this is some powerfull mojo... you can recuperate more than 90% of files if theres no serious arm done to HDD. I have experiences and theire many where I recovered 100% data after massive virus infection. to clients PC sucess rate 9 1/2 out of 10 no joke. Reeintall windows and ATI11 and open that file (image) and navigate your way around essentially like navigating your pc but you can really use it just copy the files you want to safe place and thats it. or if you just chose backup my files and choose all the flies you needed then you can just restore them back on the fresh OS intall in thereir exact places and all... lavely and if you continue to use ATI to create regular backups this willnever happen in fact Last time I reesintalled a os was so long ago I cant remember.... Love this Cutting edge imaging Tech...
  14. Thanks but I just realised I posted on wrong place... as is those option just open CCleaner so they make no sense to me or am I wrong? Also while Im here just how many places does CCleaner look for crap in Vista, Im beta testing ATI2009 home shhhh (its not out yet and it includes a cleaner like theire old Privacy expert and it uncovered files in vista that well CCleaner missed. it took the ATI cleaner quite some time to clean them out so I imagine theire big files So any ideas?
  15. ATM you have > Add "Run CCleaner" option to recycly bin context menu and > add "Open CClearner" option to recicle bin context menu why? useless options If anything like that should be done would be this > Wipe Recycle bin using CCleaner ( which in turn would udse the dod or 7 pass or no pass choice set by user) and thats it. I just joined to say that... Rest is a 1120% proggy.
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