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  1. You need to add a footnote at the bottom of interface windows that explains the meanings of any asterisks that appear after the names of items in the lists. As you can see in the accompanying screenshot, some of the items in the list under Applications cleaning have asterisks after their names, some of them don't. There is nothing at all that I could find ANYWHERE that explains what these asterisks mean. I checked help FAQ, I checked program documentation, I searched forums and found nothing that explains these asterisks. I'm afraid to clean an item that has an asterisk after its name, because when I don't know what the asterisk means, I don't know what will happen if the item is cleaned or whether it's safe for me to clean that item or not. Please in the next edition/update, add a footnote at the bottom of menuus where items have asterisks, that explain the meaning of those asterisks.
  2. If you want a cute little freeware to DIRTY your screen up for you, this one is safe as well as funny. http://www.rjlsoftware.com/software/entertainment/droppings/ Mouse Droppings v1.00 Who ever said your mouse did not have a mind of its own? Well now it can with Mouse Droppings. Watch as your mouse drops little black turds all over your screen, randomly. This is a great joke to play on an unsuspecting co-worker, you can even email this prank to a friend!By default, every 3 seconds Mouse Droppings will randomly crap out 1 to 4 turds on your desktop. The fun never ends with Mouse Droppings, you can configure the delay between poops with a small command line option.Download Mouse Droppings today and have some toilet paper ready Regarding Registry Booster, I would avoid it like a plague because it is one of those programs that is aggressively promoted via tactics I consider to be questionable at best.
  3. Google Earth can be downloaded by itself, without having to dl Google Pack. I personally don't like Google Pack because parts of it were things I didn't need, parts were things I already had, and Google Desktop slowed my pc down too much. When you download Google Earth, it does tell you in the agreement that it uses the Google Updater, and lets you know that the updater is also included in Google Pack. TERMS & CONDITIONS Welcome to Google! This software will be installed using the Google Updater, which is included in the Google Pack. When I recently downloaded the updated version of Google Earth, it installed Google Earth and the updater and nothing else. Google Earth's homepage http://earth.google.com/ As far as I know, you can also pick and choose which applications of Google Pack you want to download and install, if you elect to download google pack.
  4. http://wiki.castlecops.com/Malware_Removal...out_the_Clutter That should answer your question and confirm that the alerts are being caused by installation of Yahoo Toolbar. Here is the info from the Prevx page...btw this is not the first time that CCleaner has triggered false positive alerts. http://spywarefiles.prevx.com/RRHHDJ447445...TUP208.EXE.html Noe that the PrevX page also states: Malicious Objects Created: None Malware Run Keys: None The thing that surprises me is that PrevX seems to not know what CCleaner is, and also to engage in "scare tactics" such as this: SOFTWARE ASSESSMENT: PREVX 4 AXES OF EVIL METHODOLOGY Personally I would suggest that the creator of CCleaner take a good look at the above PrevX link and see what PrevX has listed because to me anyway, some of PrevX's report about CCleaner seems way exaggerated. For example File Names Used: 26 In all the years I've used CCleaner, I've only ever heard two names for it...Crap Cleaner and CCleaner!
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