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  1. Confirmed problem. I do the same things I used to do with FF 3. Cleaning FF 4 takes half an hour or more! FF and CC settings are the same they were before.
  2. Click this image a few times to get the normal size and you'll see. By the way, I have "Filtered Search" turned off (perhaps that makes a difference). If this is normal, then you can wave your privacy goodbye with Yauba.
  3. I noticed something odd, in combination with FF Adblock plus. - Searched for: cry me a river - Opened the Adblock window (the "blockable" links) - This link was visible in that window: http://images-partners-tbn.google.com/imag...-me-a-river.jpg - As soon as I clicked that link (in Adblock), the Yauba page was modified, i.e. at first the image was not shown, but after clicking the link it was. This seems to be a direct link to Google. Why was it "hidden" at first? And what good is a Privacy Safe search engine when\if Google is involved like this?
  4. It's good to hear that. Thank you very much.
  5. I'd like to have an option for enabling clustering. There are far too many results in the "Internet Sites" section that show multiple links for a single website (where sometimes\often the second result is irrelevant or superfluous).
  6. Thanks for the info.
  7. Quote from yauba:"While we unfortunately cannot and do not control the privacy policies of external sites or third party advertisers on Yauba, we encourage you to read through their privacy policies very carefully, and (should you feel uncomfortable with their specific practices) to monitor your cookies or configure your browser to block all third-party cookies in addition to visiting those sites through Yauba's anonymiser." So, even without clicking links to (Youtube) videos, images, myspace stuff, etcetera, there is no real anonymity\privacy? Those previews come straight from the source and as you are using third party services to present those results as well... where is the privacy? How much information do those "external sources" get from you (IP address, search term and things like that)? You may not store anything, but Google and co. certainly will store anything they can get their hands on.
  8. Thanks for the confirmation. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
  9. 1.08.132 Windows XP SP3 Correction: the error message claims there is not enough space on the disk. Not free space.
  10. When Defragler is set to move large files to the end of the disk, the defragmentation process stops at some point with an error message: not enough free space on the disk. This happens with the C and the D drive. D has 122 GB of free space...
  11. So, it is privacy you want? How about these search engines (some are "country or language related", so probably of limited use to some of you)? http://ixquick.com/ secure connection https://ixquick.com/ http://www.cuil.com/ http://www.etools.ch/ http://metager.de/ http://metager2.de/ http://www.scroogle.org/ http://www.privacyfinder.org/
  12. It appears the problem does not only occur with video files. The following screenshot of DataRecovery shows what can be "seen" after running CC. Apparently audio files are not perfectly renamed (to ZZZ.ZZZ) either. Still partially visible; mp3 and flv files. off topic: what about modifying the file size as well, like some other cleaners do?
  13. I always use the "overwite once" (or whatever overwriting a single time is called in the english language file) option.
  14. Yes, that's what I meant. Although secure deletion "destroys" the files (as far as I can tell), renaming shredded video files in the recycle bin (only videos?) doesn't always work perfectly, i.e. renaming is incomplete.
  15. Renaming of video files in the recycle bin doesn't (always?) work properly. Normally renamed files should look something like "zzzz.zzz", but that's not the case for video files (I have noticed this many times). At the moment DataRecovery can see these file names (these are not the original names): Dc26.avi Dc25.wmv Dc77.flv There were many more video files in the recycle bin. That means renaming videos works correctly, but not always.
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