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  1. I have been posting this so people know I was not ignoring them.... Well 24 hours later...Power is finally back on after the storms. Thankfully this is the first time in five years of this location that we have had any loss of power more than even an hour. Anyway. Just an fyi, I will get back on CCleaner and /DEBUG shortly.
  2. What about the crashing when I run the analyze "system"?
  3. Just to make sure I wasn't crazy...I just unchecked IE and checked, "System" and when it ran, the same thing happened...and then, it crashed. Again if there is a log file generatd I am willing to submit it.
  4. DJ - I don't mind waiting. I was merely reporting that the progress bar's erratic and non-intuitive nature was probably a bug. That is what this forum is for. The progress bar raced to the end, cleared, and repeated. As most progress bars crawl along slowly and give you a visual idea/cue as to when the current process might finish. I realize it deleted 2 GB in 37 mintues. But the even weirder thing is the message it reported back was "complete" even though I manually stopped the application.
  5. I figured this was the case. Quick. My progress bar is acting like a loading bar, it gets to the end and starts again. Something is amiss. I can cancel. I will cancel the current "Run Cleaner" which is just handling the following: IE - Temp Files, deleted .dat files, las download location I just randomly hit "Cancel Clean" while writing this post and the bar finally stopped and I got this message: Any help is appreciated. Is there a log file I can send in to the development team?
  6. The progress bar keeps reaching the end and starting again, more like a loading graphic. I finally hit cancel and it said it was not yet done. How long are we looking at for a first time use? Also on this board I searched "progress bar" in the search field and got an error.
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