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  1. TedW


    Thanks folks for the replies. Around midnight here, and I couldn't sleep. so I spent some time and down-loaded JavaRa 1.11. First I checked Add/Remove to see what was there. Then installed JavaRa, and checked things again. ALL Java updates except the current "Java6 Update 7" were removed like supposed to be. Checked other programs, and since all working okay, then I ran "Disc Cleanup", "Disc Defragmenter", "CCleanup", then went to bed. Took around an hour to do all of this, but things are easier for me around that time. Thanks for the program, and the suggestions. It's nice to have a place to ask and get straight answers.
  2. TedW


    I'm new to using CCleaner, and looking at some other things here. Also reading the comments concerning JavaRa. I'm learning things trying to stay ahead of the grand-kids. I checked Java files in Add or Remove. I have listings for: Java6 Update 2 111.00MB Java6 Update 3 111.00MB Java6 Update 5 114.00MB Now I have Java updated to Java6 Update 7 (build 1.6.0_07_b06) I have a simple question. Wouldn't it be just as easy to remove updates 2, 3, and 5 in Add or Remove, or better to use JavaRa? Sorry to bring this up, but I'm trying some new things, and using CCleaner for the first time.
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