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  1. I tried that and i still cannot go back to the previous month...maybe when using CCleaner i could have even deleted the previous restore points? And i lost my recovery cd too...this is looking pretty bad..sigh
  2. Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, the system recognizes this configuaration as ok and not malfunctioned (since technically the programmes can still be run etc), so going to last known good configuration does not change anything...
  3. Yeah i figured out how to get to the system restore page..and i've tried it but it only allows me to go back one day, which is not enough...i need to go back by two or more days, and i cannot navigate to a previous month to select an earlier date either.. ..what now??
  4. I am a new user of CCleaner, and accidentally deleted some startup items from the registry...without making a backup copy (yeah mistake, i know..). Is the damage irretrievable? Now when i switch on my pc (windows XP), i just get a totally blank screen (my screen background/wallpaper is still there..but there are no desptop items and not blue bar on the bottom of the page where you can click the "start" button). The only way to access programmes/go on the internet is to hit ctrl-alt-delete, which activates the windows task manager, and from there i try to run programmes. Am i able to go back to the normal screen? If not, is there any way to download the startup items again? Thanks.
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