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  1. k thanks but stopping norton av doesnt seem to speed it up any
  2. one more ? what happens if i pause the program and reboot in safe mode and start it back up will it resume where it left off or will it start all over?
  3. oh ok i will leave it running then as I have wireless and dont really want to go through all the hassels with it. So basiclly just turn off the antivirus portion of norton
  4. should i turn off firewall protection too
  5. oh ok so shut down my norton and it should speed it up I will try that thanks for the input. Jan
  6. What do you mean about real time AV protection my protection is norton. I understand I needto defrag more often as I said earlier I just installed this program so its the first time for fragging the more often is a suggestion for the makers of the program to include a schedule system to it that runs in the background so you dont have to remember to frag more often. Plus all these fragmented files have accumulated in the last month as thats all the longer I have had my laptop. Therefore if I only ran the program once a month it would take just as long. So there has got to be another way to frag without it taking so long I would think. Thanks Jan
  7. Hello I just intalled defraggler last night around 10:00pm and it is still running. I did the gerneral defrag to do the whole drive for the first time and I had 1,561 fragmented files with 7,075 total fragments. It's now 10:21am and I am at 847 fragmented files with 2,411 total fragments. Seems it's been over 12 hours to get half way through this process. Is there anyway to speed this up? I am also running it on a laptop and it goe into battery save mode when I am not working on it does this pause defraggler? I like the program so far because it is being so throgh but the time for it to take is way to long Also I would like to know if I pause or stop the program and reboot my system will defraggler pick up where it left off when i start the program again? As I don't want to have to go through another 12+ hours to start over. Another suggestion or maybe you can tell me how to set it up is add a schedule to it so it can run in the background at a certain time once a week or something then the fragments might not get so big and it won't take so long. Thanks Jan
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