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  1. This is what I wanted to say: There should be some variants of solution a ) If you want high performance in daily work .. b ) If you want high performance in making backups to tape ... c ) If you want to schedule a short daily job ... d ) If you want to schedule an intensive monthly job ... Peter
  2. Hi is there a description for the usage of "Defraggler" like a "Best Practice: Advantages and Disadvantages" I read the docs, and I found a lot of info like "If you want Quick Defrag, press Quick Defrag". "If you want to move the files, enable the move files option." That's fine, but not always helpful - sometime I need a "cookbook" like this... for example, to reach the maximum of defrag: - a) defrag "empty space" (enable option X and disable option Y) - defrag drive without moving ABC - c) enable boot-time-defrag This is the kind of information what I'm looking for..
  3. OK, I sent him a PM and I?m waiting for a response. Peter
  4. Still not solved in current version 1.07. Peter
  5. Still not solved in current version 1.07. Peter
  6. Still not solved in current version 1.07. Peter
  7. Small issue in German translation: The command to "Exit" the program is written "%Beenden". The percent sign % is wrong ... Peter
  8. Wrong site content - on the site you wrote: Speccy System Information As with all of our products, we've designed Speccy to be as easy as possible. When you first start the program, you'll see a Wizard that will guide you through the steps to recovering your files. Speccy to recover something? Peter
  9. There are already some similar postings here, and I have to add the next one ... In a room with 20?C the HDD has a temperature between 30? (idle) and 50? (working). But sometimes it changes for some seconds: I got 4? (nearly like ice) and 255? (melting away the PC and the entire office ..). Seem to be a stable bug Peter
  10. In Microsoft Explorer it is possible to define the display of different columns in "Detail view": Owner, Exif-Data, keywords ... But what's about saving "display modes"? For example I want to define a "Exif-Mode" which displays different exif-data; I want to define a "owner and time - mode" to diplay all time- and owner-Info and I want to display a "CAD-Mode" which displays CAD-Info. And I want to change quick and easy between these modes. IMHO it is not possible to make this with Explorer - are there any tools which handle this topic? Or are there any recommendations for handl
  11. I think it is not easy to understand between the two entries in contextmenu of recycle-bin. "Start" and "Open" are nearly the same when using a software - or rather different ("start the program / open the file"). Please change the string in this way that it easier to distinguish between "open the program to configure it" and "Run the program immediately with current settings" Peter
  12. I tried again to modify and to optimize the German language file. There are no heavy faults, but some problems with the German word composition confusion with "Start" and "Open" or "Analyse" and "Check" and "Repair" inconsistent using of "Sie / du" (you) missing spaces unclear units too short strings and so on... But there are some problems in the original code: Cookies: yet the analyse-report writes "removed cookies" there is no clear difference between "Open CCleaner" (start the program with menus) and "Start CCleaner" (start immediately the cleaning without menus). I h
  13. The display of the result of the analyse is not easy to read because it is an endless stream of lines. It would be better to display the results better formatted - with captions (like the menu on the left side), indent lines and so on. Thanks Peter
  14. Thanks - have a nice Sunday. Peter
  15. Hello Whiteshark thanks, but I was not looking for * in the RegEx, I meant "in connection with application", like [*Adobe Photoshop 5.5] Peter
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