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  1. hi! use of drop-down menu is today a outdate method..... my simple request for "defraggler" is to provide new tabs next to "file list" and "search" tabs for exp. there can be a tab for help menu HELP TAB showing "drive map legend" etc. SETTING TAB etc. it will be great help in operating! Best Wishes!!! Ravi
  2. HI! here I would like to add a request for another type of garbge known as DUPLICATE FILES !!! I hope nobody will disagree with me about this topic that as the CCleaner's main motive is to clean disk so the duplicate files are a kind of grabage which occupied unnessary space of disk. Please include a FIND DUPLICATE FILES tool in CCLEANER! BEST WISHES !!! RAVI (a request to other members please do not suggest me another freeware software for the same purpose, as we are here to talk about & improve CCleaner, not to promote other freeware softwares)
  3. In addition to free disk space there is "slack space" associated with each file and which is completely separate from the ordinary free space. WHAT IS SLACK SPACE OR TIPS OF CLUSTERS Disk space is allocated in "clusters", and each cluster can be as large as 65,536 bytes. This means that a file of only 1 byte in size can use 65kb of disk space. This additional, unused space allocated to a file is called the "slack space" and can contain old, and possibly valuable data which needs to be cleaned. I hope that I could explain the splack space . SO, my simple request to include a clean slack space or clean tips of the cluster option in CCleaner :R@VI
  4. You may be right!!!! but I think CCleaner must provide this feature with integration of check marks.. I could not understand why some members suggest different softwares or making registry entries etc., although we are here to talk only and only about CCLEANER and Only to improve CCLEANER. not to promote other freeware and not for manually modify system settings, registry etc.
  5. For the same reason I have mention that "let Ccleaner offer me to choose which folders are to be deleted by offering a check/uncheck mark" Ravi
  6. Hi!! As you know there are lost of softwares thoses left many empty folders at various places on computer. (Which may be very hard to find sometimes) I wish if Ccelaner can find those empty folders on system and offer me to choose which folder(s) is/are to be deleted. with best wishes!!!! Ravi
  7. Hi ! It is nice that you have devided all cleaning options in groups like Internet explorer Windows explorer System Advanced It will be very useful if you provide a group selection/desection check mark before each group so that one may be able to select/deselect QUICKLY whole a group for cleaning option. Best Wishes!!! Ravi Kumar
  8. First of all, greeting from my side for including "wipe free disk space" in Ccleaner v2.17. and I wish it to be more and more useful each and every day. for this I have few suggestion. 1. Please include "clean Page file on shut down" of computer. it is actully a "run once" type regstry entry which cleans the Page file when computer shuts down. 2. There is lost of space occupied by SYSTEM RESTORE POINT those can be clean by leaving ONLY MOST RECENT RESOTER POINT. note that WINDOWS already provides this feature in "DISK CLEANUP" tool. but I love CCLEANER to do this task. 3. Please move "wipe free disk space" to "TOOLS" section and provide as a tool with all settings and cleaning commands etc. at same place. ALso including the disk name which is being clean currently(presently not shows) and include a option "Shut down after Cleaning" beacuse sometime it takes time to clean 500GB drive. Best wishes!!! Ravi Kumar
  9. as you know that windowsXP provides a outdated registry editor with outdated search option. Please include a "Adavanced Registry Seacrch Tool" under the module "TOOL" so that one may able to quickly search and edit the registry enrty. in the search option there could be at least three option 1) type of Keys (HKCR/HKCU/HkLM/HKU/HKCC ETC.) 2) type of value (string data keys binary etc.) 3) match whole word/any word etc. best wishes!!! Ravi Kumar
  10. I am fully agree with you there shoulde be a right click option for adding found registry in exclusion list it is very difficult to look again and again to the path of entry in registry editor for the sake of adding it in exclusion list.
  11. not doubt "CCleaner" is very good junk cleaner tool but as it name suggest 'cleaner' so please include a RAM CLEANER tool also for same reason I have to download another software although that is free too!!!! but I don't want it sperately while I have already "CCleaner" install on my system it is my humble request please please include a RAM cleaner+defregger tool also!!! best wishes!!!!!
  12. ?secure deletion? in CONTEXT MENU
  13. there should be a provison to run CCleaner ?daily/weekly/timely? as per shchulded by me.
  14. please add option to add new start up entry
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