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  1. well, i will tell you what i did exactly that day First, i ran Clean up by Microsoft, then ran a scan in Spybot S&D and Avira AntiVir, no results in either of them. Next, ran both of CCleaners parts, amin cleaner, then the Registry cleaner when the registry cleaner had finished scanning, it had found a ton of stuff that started with "I" right now im fixing the programs that were damaged Was this CCleaner?
  2. i thought i did, all it started with "IE" so i thought it was for internet explorer >_<
  3. CCleaner (ugh) when i used the registry cleaner, it used to be fine, and speed up my comp a bit, but yesterday, instead of making it faster, it screwed it up it removed a bunch "I{something}" and i thought that was for IE, obviously it wasnt it removed IMPORTANT files, after i logged offm, my bro logged on, after seeing "cant load roaming profile", and I forgot about CCleaner backups, even hough i did do one, so i used system restore to go back two days Now Zune, Mozilla links, and ALL THAT will not work
  4. phonymouse

    CCleaner >_<

    I used the registry cleaner, i am advancved in computers, and i saw a bunch of "Iengine" "Iop" and stuff like that I saved a backup, as i had cleaned everything When i logged off and my bro ogged on it said it could not find his local profile and the quickest thing for me to do was to do a system resrtore back 2 days >_< WTF WENT WRONG!?!!?!?!?!!?!??!?!!? I used to love CCleaner,. bt now this!?!?! I am not recomming this to anyone until you tell me what went wrong, a good explanation to >_<
  5. lol, yah, CCleaner does rock though i havnt used for a while cause i am scared of something
  6. please tell us where you downloaded from
  7. i clicked View Hidden files/folders it wont show it still, is it like super hidden? lol
  8. okay, well, Ill just exclude it, i dont want it to be cleaned lol what about the Myspace IM? Cant find it, there is no Temporary internet files
  9. Actually I ont but can i put anti-phishin in exclude list to not clean it?
  10. i recommend downloading the latest, i see nothing wrong with it v2.11 is the newest from my understanding, u are using v2.10, 1 version older please upgrade to the newest, i see no false entries in 2.11 that should fix it
  11. I always click Analyze before I run the cleaner, so when the Analyze finished, i noticed this... C:\Documents and Settings\Cody\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\AntiPhishing\B3BB5BBA-E7D5-40AB-A041-A5B1C0B26C8F.dat 77.07KB Why is that going to be cleaned? it is anti phishing, so i don't think i should help sorry about the double topic, something went wrong... another thing "Uninstaller Reference Issue | MyspaceIM | (Registry Key)" I Never tried to uninstall MyspaceIM, what is up? CCleaner Version: v2.11 OS: Windows XP Home Browser: Mozilla Firefox 3.0
  12. its working 0.o he has no idea how he did it, but he got it b-fore i told him what u siad
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