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  1. rridgely...the name i want cancelled is yr3750...thanks
  2. each time i scan for issues...i have the same 369 issues relative to unused filed extentions...even though i delete them they all return eacn time i rescan for issues...how can i delete them permanently?
  3. i have 2 user names...how do i cancel 1 of them?
  4. Thanks...I just tried that..it didn't work...same problem exists even with "last known good configuration still waiting for other suggestions...thanks WOULD THIS HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH MY GRAPHICS DRIVER? WHAT IS A GRAPHICS DRIVER? WHAT IS A VIDEO CARD DRIVER? Thanks again for everyone'd help...I really appreciate it.
  5. Thanks...but, I have Windows 2000...no restore points that I am aware of?
  6. I am new at this...Anyway, I inadvertently uninstalled a program or something similar...And, now my wallpaper, icons and any other pictures that you see on websites such as news pictures, etc are a little out of focus and grainy...I do not believe it is my screen resolution setting because I checked it and it looks okay...Is there anyway to see what program I uninstalled? Does anyone have an idea as to what program I may have uninstalled? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  7. thanks for the response "englishmen"...appreciate the info
  8. Are data & files really deleted when "run cleaner" is selected...or, do i still need to shred certain financial documents?
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