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  1. I don't use WinZip just XP's built in extract of zip files so I can't help further.


    Why don't you have SP3 installed?


    It's my office computer, so I have what they say I can have.


    I did try this on my home computer (also XP Pro, SP2) and get the same symptoms.


    I'll try to investigate further.




    I understand now.


    1. Cleaner mode does more than just delete files. It does work over the registry as well.

    2. The registry keys in CCleaner's WinApp.ini file for WinZip do get deleted when Cleaner is run, which "resets" my settings to the defaults the next time I open WinZip. (I don't agree that those particular settings should be deleted, but it appears I can change it).


    Thanks to all for your help, and esp the info on the ini files.

  2. I'm using CCleaner 2.09, and WinZip 11.2.


    When I run CCleaner (the Cleaner option), if the Applications->Utilities->WinZip box is checked, my WinZip registry settings are changed after running CCleaner. Even if "0 bytes are to be removed".


    I notice this because I set WinZip to extract to the open archive folder (which is not the default). After running CCleaner (and nothing else), the extract option is reset to the last extract folder. Taking a registry snapshot before and after running CCleaner confirms changes have been made.


    Is this just me? And should this NOT be happening? I thought Cleaner mode only deleted files.


    Thanks for any thoughts.

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