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  1. I've been having a simliar problem, I run Defraggler and around about 92-94% the system just totally hangs on me, the mouse cursor doesn't even move, I've used Defraggler on XP SP3 for ages and it's done a awesome job, doesn't seem to like Vista though, done a memory diagnostic check as my system is overclocked slightly but everything checks out fine, nothing else ever hangs or crashes in Vista, so I assume Defraggler is the culprit. I've had to resort to the normal Disk Defragmenter for now, shame.
  2. I dual boot Windows XP Professional and Vista Home Premium. I was anxious to install Vista as people said you need a quad core superHz make you toast in the morning processer with 5000TB of DDR80000 Ram to use it, and my Pentium 4 3.0GHz with 1.5GB of Ram runs it like it was made for it. I use XP for gaming though, Vista + ATi Drivers = FAIL.
  3. Thanks for the reply KeithUK, yeah it is asking ALOT, I know it's a huge feat to take, the problem in this day and age with drives hitting Terabyte territory and many people now dual/quad booting OS's such as Ubuntu, XP, Vista and upcoming 7 partitioning is certianally gonna start heating up some topics with people wanting decent software to do these tasks. The problem is people don't want to pay ridiculous amounts of money for a program they only may want to use the once, I can understand paying for virus scanners, editing programs as they are frequently used but something like this should be alot cheaper say ?5-10, just software vendors taking the piss as per usual charging up to 30 quid. CCleaner, Recuva and Defraggler are truly fantastic programs offering some of the best convenience for daily PC users, in my humble opinion a program for this would be a great asset. But as I said, I ain't a programmer, and I totally understand how much of a task it must be, the only thing I ever programmed was a calculator that played porn sounds when you pressed the buttons
  4. I've noticed alot of programs charge silly amounts of money for partitioning programs such as Partition Magic by Norton, I was wondering if Piriform would consider plans for a partition program some time in the future, all of the software they make is of excellent quality and I reckon it would go down very well, I've been having a few issues with partitioning lately, and googling seems to bring up the same stuff with disgruntled PC users having to either torrent dodgy software or forking out for something they'll only use once in a blue moon. I ain't a programmer, so I ain't gonna start demanding anything, but something credible for the backburner perhaps? Oh and pardon my idiotic typo on the subject title, Partitiong lol.
  5. I made that same mistake, you need to click on the link just above the screenshot, the list on the upper left takes you to "Defrag Cleaner", which is a different program. I've never liked using things that mess around the the registry, I use and trust CCleaner with it but there are so many rouge programs floating about out there you honestly don't know what your doing to your machine these days.
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