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  1. many thx to all those who created defraggler... i am amazed by wat it can do after being a die hard fan of diskeeper for many years... looking for a free defrag tool has always been a headache, as we all know very where that the one in windows is not really up to standard... it gets the job done, but not a very great one... many other free ones are only slightly better when i compare them against diskeeper however, defraggler really blow them off...the result is neat and tidy for a free program (just like CCleaner)... i particularly like the individual file defrag, useful when i wanna do a quick job... some suggestions though: 1) auto shutdown after defrag - defragging hundreds of GB is not a fast job, thus it would really be nice to have this feature while i sleep 2) screensaver mode - allows for auto defrag while screensaver is running... i think this is a good idea instead of the stuff like frag shield in diskeeper... once again, a big thank you to all those who created defraggler, not the best in the market, but certainly the one to look for if a free defrag tool is needed
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