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  1. Thanks. Since CCleaner is working fine I am just going to leave it as it is. Then when the next update comes I will just use RUN and have it overide the latest version I have installed. That way I won't mess anything up. Thought I had this message set to e-mail me with a reply but it didn't happen and I didn't realize you had answered my post so quickly. Once again thank you.
  2. Hi. I am using Windows XP Home SP2 IE7 and have CCleaner installed on my computer. It is a very good program to have. I made a folder just for the downloads and installs which I save. Was looking over my programs and realize I have many setups of CCleaner installed. I read somewhere if you download CCleaner and then run it the newer version will just overide the old one. Is this true??? I have: ccsetup117 ccsetup121 ccsetup123 and all the way to ccsetup140. (1.40.520) My question is this. Is it okay to have all these versions on my computer or would it be better to uninstal
  3. Thanks for the response back. Problem solved now. I ran CCleaner 3 times by clicking "Fix Selected Issues after I "Scan for Issues". No more items appeared. If I need additional help I know where to come.
  4. Thanks. You answered my question. I will keep them both there. I must not have made myself clear. Sorry about that. Yes I do understand the difference between the issues and the cleaner. I am not having a problem with either of them. I do know the cleaner cleans out temp files etc and I do know the Issues cleans out remnants of old things on the registry. My question about Issues is I have scanned for issues, fixed them, but the issues keep coming back. The same ones. Just wanted to know if this was what Issues did or if there was something else I needed to do. Hope I exp
  5. Since I started this thread with questions about CCleaner, I have a few more. Decided to use same thread to continue. 1. When I installed CCleaner the first time using www.CCleaner.com it downloaded and installed version 1.17 (can't remember the rest). I extracted the files and was ready to run program. First I checked for updates and there was a newer version (v 1.21.130). It said I did not need to uninstall old version before installing newer version so I went ahead and updated. I put all my downloads in a downloaded file I made. After update I went to check it out and in my dow
  6. Many thanks from my end. I have posted on lots of forums, but your response was quick and to the point. I am going to use CCleaner when I shut the go off line in a few minutes. Someone I talk to on another forum thought it would be a good program for the other members to have a program we could use to share pictures etc back and forth and Grouper was that program. It didn't work on my computer and ever since I uninstalled it I can't seem to get rid of the fragments. Have a good night and god bless.............
  7. Hi. This is my first post on this forum. I downloaded and installed CCleaner v1.21.130 today and I have a few questions I hope someone can help me with. Before I run a new program I like to understand exactly what it does. I just read the Beginner's section on this board but there are still things I don't understand. Here are some questions that I have before I use CCleaner. 1. If I run analysis before run tool, will the analysis show me what will be deleted without actually deleting anything? 2. I see all the items are checked in the Windows section except for 2 (autocompl
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