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  1. Why would you want to run all 64-bit software?


    The biggest point of 64-bit is that more memory can be used.


    The downside to "all 64, all the time" means a lot of stuff wont work. 64-bit web browsers require 64-bit plugins. 64-bit media players require 64-bit codecs. Many of the plugs and codecs haven't been updated to 64-bit, making the 64-bit browsers and players not too useful.

    Even if ALL the current software was converted correctly to 64-bit, most of it would NOT take advantage of 64-bit.


    If you're not running into memory issues with existing 32-bit software, but there is a whole mess of issues with 64-bit software, you're just going to cause yourself HEADACHE by trying to limit yourself to such a silly goal of running "only 64 bit software".



    If CCleaner only uses a few megs of RAM, why would you need it to be 64-bit?


    why 32 bit if 16 bit will be ok? You are right with the browser but i think it?s a shame for am Company like Adobe that there is no flashplayer for 64 bit.

    The codecs will be more and more 64 bit





    the programm alone will not take advantage of the system but for 32 bit software to run there is need of a emulator. And i don?t want to use this emulator.

    I think that the system take advantage if all programms use 64 bit

    The 32 bit software on my machine are Antivirus PE, some tools like CCleaner and firefox (because of flash). In Taskmanager you can see it.



    Sorry for my english

  2. I can?t install the latest Version. There is no Message. It freezes.


    I could not install the newest Version.

    The lang-1031.dll is the Problem.

    It can not be installed.

  3. Hello mat77,

    Welcome to the Piriform forums. :D

    Good news !!!

    What operating systems does CCleaner work with?

    Fully tried and tested with Windows 98/NT4/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista.


    It's currently partially compatible with 64bit XP and Vista, there are a few non-critical issues which are still being worked on.


    There are no Mac or Linux versions.


    Please let us know how it works for you,

    :) davey


    I can?t install the latest Version. There is no Message. It freezes.

  4. CCleaner is one of the best pogramms i ever saw.

    I use Vista X64 and I want to ask, if there is a X64 version of CCleaner.


    Anf if theres no version so is it planned?


    I want to run only 64 bit Software on an 64 bit System.


    CCleaner is one of the last programms who run under 32 bit.


    Sorry for my english, it?s not my first language.

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