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  1. When you uncheck the Enable System Restore box and then hit apply, it goes through and deletes the restore points right then. Theres really no need to reboot. I myself do it before cleaning just to make sure that there as the least amount of in-use or locked files possible before cleaning up an infected pc. for normal daily operations, dont worry about rebooting.
  2. great little app. Ease of use, functionality, and clean UI that both CCleaner and Recuva have. Im a big fan. I would like to suggest a "Minimize to Sys Tray option." i would imagine the majority of people run defrags at night or when they are AFK, so it might be a waste of time. It was just something i thought of during my time testing this fine program.
  3. Just to kind of piggyback on what davey said, i find it quicker to remove the system restore points by turning it off and back on again. much faster than disk cleanup. You can chose the amount of space that is reserved for restore points, but you can not manually pick and choose which restore points to keep or remove. (at least not without some scripting ) Start> Control Panel> System> System Restore Tab. be sure to hit apply after disabling system restore. it will take a minute or four while it removes all restore points. :
  4. 2-3 times a year on my home pc i decide to do some cleanup. i delete all the junk, disable system restore, and reboot (this removes all old sys restore points). then i run CCleaner followed by ad-aware and then a full defrag. While i dont recommend it for a regular user, if your really that interested you could try disabling system restore so that the files are not locked and then enabling it again once you are done. i find that very often i forget to turn it back on, but personally i dont use it. i have it turned to the lowest storage setting possible. Hey, im good at what i do, but im not stupid enough to tempt fate.
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