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  1. We're probably in different timezones. But augeas, the reason I didn't give you a straight answer there as to how many files I have left over, is because every scanner I use gives me different results. Recuva, restorations, NTFS-Recover, and more all give me a different number of files.
  2. Augeas, you must understand that no secure file deletion method is foolproof. With the right amount of time, a data recovery expert, and the right softwware and hardware combination, any data can be recovered. The only way to permanently erase your data is to use very strong magnets and move them around on the disk. Then, melt the hard drive platters at a very high heat temperature, Then, smash the disk into little pieces, and throw it in the garbage. I use Gutmann's 35 pass file deletion method, it's incredibly secure, but sometimes the Windows file deletion skips certain other files if y
  3. Now I don't mean something exactly looking like that, but maybe just a simple interface where you can drag/drop files and also browse to a directory where the file is and select it into the list. Or, maybe selecting a whole folder and having CCleaner wipe all the contents in it is also a good option. But having the feature of wiping the free space of a folder or drive is useless for CCleaner, because it goes beyond it's purpose as a program. While we're on the subject, if anyone is looking for some freeware file shredding applications, go here, or here.
  4. Hello, Davey, I hope you didn't take what I said the wrong way though. I am not against CCleaner - quit the contrary! I am just recommending a feature that would make this awesome lightweight freeware application even better. I mean an embedded feature like this .
  5. Now, if CCleaner only had a file shredding feature embedded into the program, it would get much more than 165 million downloads!
  6. Though it may be sad to the security of the average PC user, that is completely true. Would you like me to post an external link to some file shredding applications for you? And what you said about CCleaner and Recuva is true, but I noticed that CCleaner is 10 times better when it comes down to securely deleting files than Window Washer. There is evidence that Window Washer does not securely delete your files, if I can find the link I'll post it up. A data recovery expert could easily recover any files deleted by all three of the programs, but an average or novice user couldn't.
  7. You could be using the new Firefox 3, which I think is still in release candidate form. Now when you said the files were recoverable, maybe that was the case because CCleaner does not know the valid paths to the files to delete? Very rarely, you may have to set these manually.
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