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  1. No I do not have that folder - and if I create it - it makes no difference. I noticed CCleaner once had a bug with Recent Documents, but the history does not elaberate what the problem was. I am also using hitmanpro.
  2. I mean that if you press START there is no longer any Recent Documents Folder and there are no recent documents listed and Recent Documents can not be re-enabled by altering the register or by checking the box in the start up menu. CCleaner not only removed the Recent Documents listed it also removed the folder and appears to have permenantly disabled Recent Documents.
  3. After running CCleaner (which is an otherwise GREAT program) on several machines, I can no longer get the list of recent documents to display even when I enable that function with the start, right click, properties, not classic menu, customize, advanced, and check "list my most recently opened documents" - how can this list be displaced in the future after using CCleaner because Microsoft's instructions do not work ?
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