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  1. [mad ideas now i lost my mind after 3-4 days defragmentation...i don't know how long i do it ] 9) need add control for some SMART atributes for safety! if process intensive defragmentation create big count read/write errors or enlarge temperature - need stop it in first event and pause for some time in second. also need add some SMART atributes (temperature...) in drive list. why no? i think this is not very difficult but can really help in some critical situations.
  2. 8) if cell have part defragmented file - this is blue, if some files fragmented in cell - this is red..how about third color for cells containing only one part fragmented file? maybe set this how option. ...Defragging Freespace (37%)...i tired ...
  3. 7) i read some posts and have new good idea add new row in file list - "size/fragments. this is autoevalute field show average fragment size and don't need long time for develop this option, but this is great for manual defragmentation! small explain now. you have file 1000 mb with 100 fragments and file 10 mb with 10 fragments. first file have in 10 times worse fragmentation but each fragment have 10 mb size (at the average), second file have 1mb fragments. if first file is just movie - this is not very big problem, if second file some system file or small video - this is bad. size/frag. for this files - 10 and 1 (more value - better). also possible use this "clusters/fragments" (always more 1, more value - better). this is good but not great [great now ] maybe file with size 1000 mb and 100 fragments have this fragmentation 901mb + 99 * 1mb? this is very bad. need add next row - "fragments smallers some size"! some size = or function(disk size, used space, total fragmentation...), or just easy variable from options, for example 1 mb for our example this values 99 and 10 (more value - worse). ...Defragging Freespace (36%)...wait my new ideas...
  4. 5) [later, right now] after some actions i see new button "file list". i think this is not need. just hide "file list" tab if it empty! if user sees a new tab - he will want to check this. and don't need any different buttons my message for some users guys (maybe girls), you wanna see free diskepper am here? some easy util need more 100 mb on my disk!!! last distrib. Nero have size 180 mb! but me just need burn files on my dvd! Piriform create small programms with stylish design and sufficient functionality! Skins need for defragmentation? I think don't need. Some options need only for our money. Have extra money - buy programm with freak skins, pseudointellectual schedulers, strange addons for small group users who don't know how use their time and hard disk space... if you need great functionality for free and minimal size - use programms like Defraggler and CCleaner. 6) about sheduler. i don't know who use this options. Windows have system sheduler and script language for automations operation. just need add some command string options for system administrators and power users. sheduler in programm - bad idea. need to keep all programm with shedulers in memory all time!!!
  5. my ideas now (sorry for my english, anybody know traslate from russian?): 1) need good metod for really bad fragmentation (one my disk free on 30% after move some files, but this is almost full red - no any white space on driver map); i use defrag freespace first, but this is long also. 2) about drive map now. color cells - standart and nice visualisation, but white grid - bad idea. why? for greed need some space also. but grid don't have info. grid have big contrast with red cells - i don't see a red tones! just try create options for drive map without ANY grid. just try and compare. maybe add size for cells and info about each cell also? 3) about layout. main window have 3 area - drive list, drive map amd drive info. i think need fix (not hard) drive list and drive info. if i resize main window need resize drive map. i think this is right idea 4) about defrag checked files. modal dialog really need? i understand why need it (i programmer also), but maybe possible another way? just need prevent file list from edit. right? 5) maybe later if any developer know russian - i can talk under email also p.s. if this programm don't kill my disk and don't lost some files - it great program! p.s.s. ideas for FAQ: if you defrag disk with defraggler and lost all your porn - use our another great util - recuva! if your disk have child porn - don't use defraggler, this is not secure just joke
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