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  1. I have attached the log file from the debug mode. defraggler.exe._1_2_78__2008_07_09_15_39_.txt defraggler.exe._1_2_78__2008_07_09_15_39_.txt
  2. Racer

    Defrag Problem

    I never looked at the file changes, I had noticed the disk space change after I had closed the application. Is there a log file that maybe I can look at? I just could not believe such a huge space change and I was only defragging 110GB.
  3. Racer

    Defrag Problem

    I just downloaded the latest version of Defraggler and used it on my HP laptop running Vista Home SP1 and seemed to work well. My disk space went up and down after several defrags. I proceeded to try it on my Windows XP Media Center PC running SP3 and I was shocked to see that it took much longer time to defrag and I lost 20GB of hard drive space. Is this normal for this RC2 product? Has anyone else experienced this same issue? Help I would like to regain my space.
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