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  1. That's will be a problem for me ( because it's related to all ThinApp portable package, not firefox only ) but anyway thanks all.
  2. Yes exactly, it expand the path. There is a simple way to resolve this problem by making CCleaner determine if there is a string (path) before %AppData% or not like this: CustomLocation2=FIREFOX|D:\Program Files\FireFox\Firefox\%AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\jepi9yqn.default it contains "D:\Program Files\FireFox\Firefox\" before %AppData% So CCleaner will ignore this environment path ( or any environment variable ) Otherwise if: CustomLocation2=FIREFOX|%AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\jepi9yqn.default CCleaner will use this environment path. So i hope this proble
  3. Yes, that's why it doesn't work with VMware ThinApp! until the the environmental path being ignored when reading CustomLocation if exists in INI file.
  4. I have 2 CustomLocations: CustomLocation1=OPERA|D:\Program Files\Opera\profile CustomLocation2=FIREFOX|D:\Program Files\FireFox\Firefox\%AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\jepi9yqn.default And yes also tried to remove "\jepi9yqn.default" from the path and still not detect Firefox. It was detected before i changed firefox portable package from PortableApps to ThinApp that have %AppData% in it's path. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 - CCLeaner v3.20.1750 (x64) EDIT: BTW it's shows in CCLeaner but it cannot detect files ( cookies, cache, etc... ) when analyzing...
  5. Hi, when i tried to add a custom path to my portable firefox in ccleaner.ini like this: CustomLocation2=FIREFOX|D:\Program Files\FireFox\Firefox\%AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\jepi9yqn.default it doesn't work! ( I'm using ThinApp for firefox ) I think because the path string contains %AppData% thanks
  6. THANK you very much That's an excellent feature....
  7. Sorry man, i pressed on Report ( Saw it Reply ) instead of Quote I mean when opera is installed standalone ( portable )
  8. Please can you add Opera Custom path like FireFox and Chrome, i know it has been more than 3 months for this request. So please can you add this option? thanks
  9. Any news about this feature ? It's have been more than 3 month...
  10. Thanks for your reply I hope to add it in the next version...
  11. Hi, i know i have requested before to custom add official opera portable path (that when use official opera installer and choose stand-alone installation USB) in INI file or CCleaner so that CCleaner can read it as it's installed in the system. I tried the suggestion page in CCleaner but i have found when i add a custom location it will delete all files: ex. cookies so please add this option. thanks
  12. Unfortunately this doesn't support to clean unwanted cookies in Opera... It only delete the file but not what is inside of that file like opera cookies ( cookies4.dat ) It's same like in CCleaner > Option tab > Include So If CCleaner add an option to set the Opera profile path when it's portable it will be great. And also for other browsers too. When add this command "FIREFOX|C:\Firefox profile" firefox appears in CCleaner, so why not add the same things to Opera and other browsers?
  13. Thanks for your reply.. what about other browser like Opera and Chrome ? it doesn't work with this... ( only works good with Firefox ) ( Opera and Chrome and Safari is also very popular browser ) So add an option to set the path of Opera or Chrome or any Browsers manually will be good enough than do this custom locations because it doesn't work with the other browsers.
  14. Can you Add Option to search for cookies path in Portable Browsers ? When using CCleaner it's just search for cookies only when the browser is installed. thanks
  15. CCleaner Doesn't support Opera 10 (Doesn't show Opera in Cleaner\Windows Tab) Also when trying to change the destination folder name from "Opera 10 Beta" to "Opera" and also the "AppData\Local" and "AppData\Roaming" folder like Opera Version 9 But it's not work. So can you make CCleaner support Opera 10 ?
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