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  1. Would be great if that could be added. For example the "User\Local Settings\Temp\" folder. Would be nice if you could uncheck a detailed log option on that and get it summarized like IE Temporary Internet Files. Same with cookies from IE, FF and Opera. Could maybe make it the case for all of them even? Could create another state for the checkboxes in the Windows and Application list. Where: No check = Don't clean Gray/Half check = Clean with summary log Full / Black check = Clean with detailed log Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work. I really like CCleaner, and the Piriform applications look smooth
  2. CCleaner (and possibly Recuva and Defraggler?) is updated, A LOT, it seems. Which of course is great!! But, it would be even greater if CCleaner could update itself. Especially since it happens so often. Now I always have to go to the CCleaner site, Download, FileHippo, find right link, save, install, etc. Any chance of this getting implemented some time in the future? Would make CCleaner a lot more easy and faster to use in my opinion
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