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  1. I stumbled upon the fix. I opened up IE, Tools>Internet Options>Advanced tab. Under browsing, I checked 'Enable Suggested Sites'. The entry is now gone from ccleaner. Thanks for your interest and help.
  2. I double-clicked on the IE Temporary Internet Files, 5.121 KB, that keeps appearing, and that is where I got the path information. You hit the nail on the head, "so not sure how it's getting found in the first place" - me neither. Not a big deal, apparently no such file exists, but it is intriguing.
  3. I checked the location of the files that are/are not being deleted - C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Low\SuggestedSites.dat When I follow this path I get to Windows but no INetCache folder. This tells me the folder is indeed being deleted, but why does it keep reappearing in ccleaner? A ccleaner bug perhaps?
  4. Thanks for the response. Windows 10, 64-bit Pro, Anniv. edition. I tried it in Safe Mode, same result.
  5. If this has already been discussed, I apologize. Recently, when I run ccleaner it shows deleting Internet Explorer Temporary Internet Files, 5,121 KB. It keeps reappearing after deletion like something is looping. I have unchecked everything I could find in IE, even tried turning it off, but to no avail. Has anyone else seen this?
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