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  1. I have a similar issue with my 5.16.5551 (64-bit) for Windows. I had an upgrade for Windows 10. CCleaner added an "old Windows installation" option under Advanced. It took several days to clean about 9GB at 35x last week. Today, CCleaner shows more files to be cleaned. After cleaning, it shows no old Windows installation files cleaned. Using Analyze, the files still appear. Looking at detailed results, all the files are still there. I uninstalled and reinstalled CCleaner but that did not work. I don't want to just Delete to Recycle Bin and empty using CCleaner (it won't allow me to del
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. It worked! Happy New Year!!!
  3. For the latest version (4.08.4428 64-bit Windows 8) and the previous two versions, whenever I'm cleaning my hard drive, it says that it's emptying my Recycle Bin (even though it's already empty). It's always 42,931 KB, 28 files. No matter what or when I'm cleaning, this always appears. I've uninstalled and re-installed CCleaner, but it always shows up. I've tried different wiping methods (3, 7, 35) to no avail. It doesn't on my other computers though. What could I do to get rid of this entry? Thanks. --FoS
  4. I am having the same issue. CCleaner will not remove my Google Chrome saved form information. I have to use Google Chrome's "Clear Browsing Data..." option to clean everything out. I am using Windows 7 64-bit with Chrome's latest version [6.0.472.63]. Everything worked fine before I downloaded CCleaner's latest version [2.35.1223]. Sincerely, FoS
  5. I noticed on my parents' computer that they still have an older version of MS Word (2002). They have the latest version of CCleaner and it erased their Word Task Pane shortcuts! So it must be something between the two Word versions that is not allowing CCleaner to remove Word 2003 shortcuts.
  6. Yeah, it's not worrisome right now. It doesn't affect me negatively in any way. It was an older version that used to clean my MS Word 2003 shortcuts and then all of a sudden it stopped and I just wondered what happened and why it hasn't been fixed. FoS
  7. When I open MS Word 2003, the task pane on the right side still shows documents that I've opened up before. It's not that big of a deal for me, but since CCleaner does clean my MS Excel 2003 shortcuts, I'm wondering why it doesn't clean the Word shortcuts. FoS
  8. Hi, I just downloaded v. 720 and noticed that the problem is not fixed. What is the status of this issue? I hope the issue can eventually be resolved. How do I use the Include entries or winapp2.ini file entries you mentioned? FoS
  9. Hi, I'm a first-time poster but long time user. I've had this problem since two versions ago (I now have the latest: 2.09.600). [Options] (App)Mozilla - Saved Form Information=False BackupDir=C:\Documents and Settings\Owner.YOUR-C15E0C8280\Desktop Language=1033 MSG_CONFIRMCLEAN=False SecureDeleteMethod=1 SecureDeleteType=1 UpdateKey=07/04/2008 04:17:45 PM WINDOW_HEIGHT=878 WINDOW_LEFT=0 WINDOW_MAX=1 WINDOW_TOP=0 WINDOW_WIDTH=1448 (App)Autocomplete Form History=False (App)Start Menu Shortcuts=False (App)Desktop Shortcuts=False (App)Recent Documents=True Are you runnin
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