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  1. Try tο install the 1.02.085 version and try again You can download older version from here
  2. Where i can translate into other languages?
  3. Mixalis

    Plz help me

    Finally the problem was the computer. I download the CCleaner from another computer and operates normally
  4. Mixalis

    Plz help me

    I have try but dosent work
  5. Mixalis

    Plz help me

    I have a problem when I copy ccsetup210.exe from the computer in my usb flash drive. The problem is that the file that I copied in usb flash drive I can not install it. When I try to install it it show me this message "Error launching installer", but the file in the computer can install it normally.I download the CCleaner from a internet cafe because I do not have internet in my home. Can any one help me? Sorry for my english
  6. Mixalis

    Install dfr.

    No isn't necessary to uninstall the current version. Just install the new
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