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  1. I've been waiting for the final version of Defraggler for a while already, I keep checking the website every now and then, but still on RC2, hurry up people. I'd say programmers need to reduce their lunch hour to 10 min. and stop coding only until their logic starts failing or their eyes won't stay open any longer... j/k Keep up the good work, looking forward to the final version... soon!
  2. Sounds like there is no performance benefit in defragging flash drives, on the contrary, defragging decreases the life-writes of the drive. Thanks for the reply. On a second note, I was wondering what is the main benefit of Defraggler over Windows Defrag or perhaps Diskeeper? (Besides the price and the professional interface and commitment of Piriform).
  3. I decided to defrag my flash drive, since I run my email program from it, the question is: What are the positive benefits of defragging flash drives? Also, I notice, (which could be related), some of my files got corrupted, making the size of certain files appear as 3 or 7 GB, after querying the size for all the folders and files on the root folder, my 4GB flash drive was actually displaying over 100 GB of data, I located the offending files, about 30, most of them had the name of "system file", some were hidden, some where not, I wonder if anyone else has encounter this, I am guessing that this could have been after using the RC2 version of Defraggler on my flash drive, I had a backup, so no problem here, but I thought I'd bring it up.
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