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  1. - I know, I know. Don't worry:  No offense taken.

    - Another suggestion: Perhaps start both the "monitoring feature" and the CC "automatic cleanup" program code upon start up but let them wait for say 2, 4 or 6 minutes before the CC program code allows these features to come to live.

  2. - System setup: See my signature !!!!

    - I will report back with more info. Your reply gave me some clues

    - Suggestions:

    1) Make sure that this monitoring feature runs with a (much) lower priority.

    2) CC can be set up to run upon start up. But I also know that Windows performs A LOT OF disk I/O in the first say 2 to 5 minutes after the user starts his/her computer. That could interfere with CC. Perhaps Piriform can build in a "start up delay" of anything between say 2, 3, 4 or say 5 minutes ? (I know 2 programs that have such a "start up delay").


  3. - I see another reason why a user would want to turn off the "Monitoring" feature. If one's computer is busy with a task that requires a lot of CPU power then every extra (CPU consuming) task (e.g. CC "monitoring" one's HD) can lead to an overall slowdown of one's system.

    - I was watching a video and during that process I started CC. And I noticed that the video (player) started to stutter. As soon as I closed down CC and the CC monitoring feature, the stutter (in the video) was gone. Perhaps some other process was also using a lot of CPU but nonetheless, I found the difference to be remarkable. It was simply one task too many for the CPU.

  4. Two more language related bugs in CC v5.46:

    1) Installation program:

    - I switched the language to german and also checked the box "Save settings to INI file" in CC. Then ran the CC installation program and the texts in the installation program were all in .......... english.

    - After unchecking the "Save settings to INI file" I ran the installation program again and now all texts showed up in german. This means that the CC installation program checks the registry but not the INI file (I always use the default installation folder).

    - It reminded me of what happens when the user has checked the same "Save settings to INI file" box in Defraggler. Then that program also goes (a bit) "off the rails".

    - I also noticed that - in this case - the main CC program fails to look whether or not there's an INI file. Because when I opened CC it started with the default options/boxes checked. Perhaps the INI file must be read at a (much) earlier stage in the program code ?

    2) "Smart Monitoring" feature:  When this option has been enabled CC (after performing the steps under 1)) after a while a window shows up with the message that the program has found files that can be deleted. But this window showed up with both english & german texts.

    Conclusion: CC has some (severe ??) problems when it comes to handling the INI file.

  5. Update:

    - System Tray Icon: It seems that the 1st time, after installation, the icon shows up with the tooltip in the selected language (For me that's dutch). But when I start the program (CC v5.46) for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, ....... time the language (seems to) revert(s) back to english.

    - I used the "regular" version downloaded from the Piriform website.

    - This is odd, very odd. I repeated the things I have reported before (monday, september 3 (@ 14.01) 2018). And now all seems to be well. And no, I didn't "lose my marbles". Is there here interference from some other program ?

    - What I saw is that the installation program looks what language version the user has selected for an older\previous version and then displays the texts in the installation program in that language.

  6. - Another language related bug in CC v5.46: When I change the language to dutch then CC forgets to translate something. The language of the CC system tray icon remains english. Instead of displaying a dutch text, an english text shows up ("CCleaner Smart Cleaning is enabled"), when I place the mouse cursor over that system tray icon. Keep in mind this is AFTER a restart of my system !!!!

    - Bug in the program code ? Translator having a "bad hair day" ?

  7. - Alas. Support for IMAP is still something for the (near ??) future. The developers wrote that IMAP already works on their servers. But that's all they are willing to say. Perhaps they still need to get rid of (A LOT OF) IMAP related bugs in the OEC program code. I don't know what's going on.

    - The PRO version allows the user to separate emails in separate "Identities". I.e. you can separate e.g. your private emails from e.g. your work related emails.



    - OEC seems to work on Windows 2000 and newer.

  8. - Just a few minutes ago I installed (in the following sequence, I still have all three versions) CC v5.45, v5.44 and then v5.46. And it seems (!!!) that all programs have the same problem. The installation part of the program recognizes that I have a dutch system but in CC the GUI itself the texts continue to show up in english.

  9. - The problem is that all the developers, moderators and beta testers live in countries in which the native tongue is english. And my native tongue is not english. Although I have no problem reading english and german. That's why I found many language related bugs in CCleaner, Speccy and Defraggler.

    - I did the following on my dutch system (see my signature for the system setup)

    - Installed CC v5.45.

    - Perhaps I removed CC v5.45 ?? (I can't remember anymore)

    - Installed CC v5.44.

    - Installed CC v5.46.


  10. On ‎30‎-‎8‎-‎2018 at 15:18, jopa66 said:

    Quote: "Learn the techniques of the spyware you blacklist, only to try using those tactics yourself in a skillfully crafted manner against a long-time loyal customer base which is almost akin to a "cult" status. This is a huge breach of trust IMO."

    - CCleaner is a "cult" ?? I don't feel it that way. It's simply a good program and then I am NOT going to abandon the program when one version misbehaves. I still have several previous versions of CC stored on my HD and that allowed me to go back to a previous version within the blink of an eye.

    - Yes, we'll have to see how CC v5.46 behaves. When it behaves well then I am almost back to having full confidence in the program. Remember the saying: "One bitten, twice shy" ?

  11. - The developers have made many code changes inside OEC in preparation for IMAP. But these don't show up yet because they are not done yet with all the changes needed for IMAP and the testing of IMAP.

    - When TLS 1.3 is officially released then OEC also will support that version of TLS. Then it seems that MS will stop to support TLS 1.0 (and TLS 1.1. ???) anymore.

    - Currently OEC supports 16 languages (incl. english). Volunteers (with the "paid for" version of OEC) who want to add an additional language are still welcome.

    Source: the Facebook page of OEC. (available on the homepage of OEC)

  12. - These system files can't be moved with Defraggler (DF) when the OS is Vista or newer. This option is meant to exclude these system files from showing up in the file list. But even with this options selected these files show up when using the search feature of DF. Should have been fixed long time ago. But Piriform doesn't give DF too much time when it comes to further development.

    - The combination of DF and Windows is known to be a "difficult one" when it comes to the handling of these System Restore Points (SRPs). Sometimes DF causes an increase of the number of SRPs and in other situations the DF causes the amount of SRPs points to decrease or even wipe all SRPs. In that regard those SRPs are a REAL "pain in the a*s". You're NOT the only one who's complaining.

    - A program that really works well is Tweaking's Registry Backup. After installing it makes, upon start up, a copy of all the files that combined comprise the registry. This program doesn't backup A LOT OF user files e.g. from "C:\users" and that's precisely the reason why it works so well. If the user has problems then he/she can use the same program to restore the registry.

  13. - There's another thing that's "bugging" me in the latest version of DF. I compared the behaviour of the program in 4 different languages (german, dutch, french and english) and the behaviour of the dutch version is different from the 3 other language versions.

    - This "behaviour" problem shows up when the user uses the "Defragment" button. On this button there are two lines of text for all four languages. These 2 lines are fully displayed when the user hasn't selected any file/ticked any boxes in the list with fragmented files. In this regard the dutch version behaves like the 3 other language versions.

    - The difference in behaviour shows up (in the dutch version) when the user has selected one or more files (to be fragmented) in that same file list. Then one line of text is fully displayed and of the second line only the top half is being displayed.

    - See also the screenshots (inside the red boxes) in the attachments.



  14. - Piriform could have taken CC v5.44 and rebranded it to CC v5.46 and issued that version ASAP. Then a lot people wouldn't have been "ticked off". And to limit any further damage Piriform still could do this (also ASAP). In the meantime Piriform can work on improving CC v5.45 and issue that improved version as CC v4.47.

  15. - To be frank I don't understand what all the fuss is about. I agree that the good folks at Piriform "made a mistake" in the program code of CC and do hope that they fix this "unwanted behaviour" in the next version of CC.

    - But some of the responses/replies in this thread are - IMO - (a bit) "over the top". I simply took the advice given in this or another thread on this forum and removed CC version v5.45 and installed v5.44.

  16. - I don't mind that CC wants to collect information on what I have done with the CC program and am actually willing to share quite a lot of information as long as it's done anonymously.

    - Things like the files and folders that have been selected and perhaps cleaned, content of "Task Scheduler', startup options, installed programs, operating system specifics, content of CC related files (to name a few things).

    - Of course, when the user has enabled the "Monitoring" feature then it's much easier for CC to collect this kind of data/info.

    - The reason I don't like the "Monitoring" feature is that I find it (a bit) too "sneaky". I am sure CC won't do anything "bad", has no bad or even criminal intentions. But I fear that then I will put the program to work too soon and without too much thought. Then I fear that the program simply cleans too much and things I don't want to be cleaned (yet). The thought of someone/something "snooping around" simply scares me a bit too much. I simply want to have a certain amount of control over the program and the monitoring feature surely undermines the notion of having that amount of control.

  17. - Right. I saw those 2 registry entries/that behaviour as well. Well, the good folks at Piriform do have "something to work on".

    - I have used a registry editor many times before, so I know what the dangers are, what can go wrong. I learned that the hard way ;-)

    - I installed Tweaking's Registry Backup. It makes a copy of the registry (files) upon startup of Windows. I already had a few times when I have gotten into trouble (e.g when fiddling with the registry) and then restoring the regsitry to a previous state (with this program) resolved the problems. (Yes, this was an advertisement but it really has helped me). In those cases there was no need to use the more cumbersome Windows' System Restore feature. So, don't worry, I have a plan B.

  18. - Run Antibody's WIZTREE. It will show the size of the "System Volume Information" (SRP) folder in which the data for the SRPs are stored. How does the size of that folder develop over time ?

    - Even when one deletes all System Restore Points with CCleaner then that one folder won't be fully empty and still can contain GBs of data.

    - I wouldn't worry too much. When Windows finds out that the amount of free space has become to low it will automatically delete one or more SRPs.

  19. - Perhaps this sending of statistics to Piriform is the reason why CC (v5.45) keeps runnng after the user has closed the program ?

    - I don't mind that CC sends some data/statistics to Piriform to help the developers improve the program. But then CC should ONLY do that when the user shuts down the program. I do hope that this happens INDEPENDENT of the CC monitoring feature (This feature should be fixed).

    - I know that Defraggler also stores some statistics in a file called "Statistics.bin". Is this file send to Piriform as well ?

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