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  1. - Have been using DF today again and when I opened RAMMAP I saw 43 DF "Zombie" processes ("Defraggler.exe") while Task Manager showed only one process called "Defraggler64.exe".

    - It seems that somehow the process "Defraggler64.exe" opens "Defraggler.exe" and uses some of the subroutines and then "forgets" to tell the Operating System that the process has done its job and the process can be "closed"/"removed".

    - This also can be a bug in the program code. E.g. "Defraggler64.exe" has all the subroutines it needs to perform its tasks but still calls upon "Defraggler.exe" every now and then. This could be a remnant of a previous Defraggler version before there was no 64 bit version of the program. Lots of possibilities on why so many Zombie processes show up.

    - When I look at the size of the 43 DF "zombies" then I see that these Zombies actually don't use that much memory. RAMMAP reports that each of these 43 processes only use 20 Kb. Seems each of these processes are opened/created but then these processes each are hardly used/don't see little or no "activity". And - in general - one can say that the more a process is being used the larger the memory footprint. There the low memory usage could give a good indication of what's going on.

    - Another thing I noticed is that as soon as I close DF the zombie processes (seem to) disappear away as well. Odd, very odd.

  2. - Something is wrong with the memory management of DF and I think that the memory management can be improved.

    - There is a difference between the info provided by Sysinternals' RAMMAP and Task Manager (Windows 7). When I look at the "Process" tab in RAMMAP then I count 13 DF processes (red Arrow & red rectangle). But when I open (the dutch version of) Task Manager (blue Arrow & blue rectangle) then I only see one process ("Defraggler64.exe"). The amount of memory used by DF (Task Manager) doesn't match up with the amount of used memory by DF as displayed in RAMMAP. Odd, very odd. These 12 extra DF processes don't use much memory but there are running anyway. Again, odd, very odd.


    - Recently I watched a video explaining how the program called "RAMMAP" worked. They mentioned the words "zombie processes". It seems the extra DF processes (as shown in "RAMMAP") are precisely that, "Zombies". The video also gives a (possible ???) explanantion of why these zombies exist.

    The video can be found at


    The word "zombie" is mentioned a few times in the video from about 21:00 onwards.

    - Sysinternals' RAMMAP can be found here:


    - See the picture attached.




  3. @Cornish Dowser:

    - the program will continue to work when you disable the Mini Monitor untick "Show Monitor"). It's simply an extra visual tool on how CLEANMEM behaves. To see whether or not the mini monitor is running you just simply check Task Manager.

    - Cleanmem itself is run with the help Task Scheduler and after it has run the program closes itself.

    - Yes, "stealing the focus" is indeed a problem. And there are some other small tiny "inconveniences" but the program itself works well. But the author hasn't issued new updates in the last few years. The PcWinTech forum has indeed closed down (too much spam and very little responses).

  4. - What is the size of that drive and how much free space (in GB & in %) does that drive have ? Do you have an SSD ?

    - What Defrag option(s) did you use ?

    - Did the amount of free disk space go down after each defrag ? Is System Restore active ?

  5. - Suggestion:

    - Create one webpage which provides information which versions/builds of CCleaner are available (+ download links), for which operating system(s) (Windows, Mac, .... ) and on what versions of Windows these latest builds will (still) work. Then the info for this XP

    - Or add this information to an existing webpage.

  6. 21 hours ago, Michael777 said:

    Had the same issue. I'm using  1TB Samsung HDD as secondary drive which I partitioned into two equal halves in my Hp Compaq DC7900 running windows 10 Pro.  One of the partitions .................

    Try the following (this assumes you have System Restore (SR) turned on):

    1) Run Antibody's Wiztree and see how large the size of the folder "System Volume Information" is.

    2) Run Defraggler on the other partition with the same options, as you have done in your previous post.

    3) If the total amount of free space shrinks then abort the defragmentation and run Wiztree again. Did the folder "System Volume Information" grow by (about) the same amount that the free space shrank ?

    4) Make a new SR Point. What is the new size of "System Volume Information" ?

    4) Report back what you saw happening. This will also help others.

  7. - The second email was supposed to be directed to someone in either Denmark, Sweden or Norway because these 3 countries use the "Kronar" (see the text "250kr") or "Crowns" (english) as their currency. The currency exchange rate between NOK, DKK and SEK on the one hand and the EUR on the other hand also could confirm that the email was meant for a scandinavian country. There are some odd characters used in the email and those are used in those 3 scandinavian countries but NOT in the language (dutch) I use in daily life. "GOOGLE translate" thinks that the language is norwegian. ("tilbake" seems to be norwegian for "back").

    - No, I only bought one license for 3 programs in one "package". That was in december 13, 2016 according to the dutch email. And I assume that the language was either dutch or english but I don't clearly remember. But it wasn't in 2 languages and certainly NOT norwegian.

    - The license key is the same in both emails. The expiration date in the dutch email was "13-12-2017" but in the norwegian version of the email the expiration date was "@CBMPOSTED@" (??????). This odd expiration date could give a (good) clue what could have gone wrong with the email program CCleaner is using.

    - "Alias" ??? Do you mean the name/alias of the email account I use or the name used in the body of the email ("Hi, ........... ") ?? The name used in the body of the email is the same but the dutch email contains one space more. Don't know if that would make meaningful difference.

  8. - I had (past tense) a license for the PRO versions of the Piriform programs. The good folks at CCleaner try to entice me to buy a new license (with or without a discount). So, they send me every now and then an email with an advertisement for a license renewal. Like the one I received today (in dutch). No problem up to this point.

    - But today I received 2 such advertisement emails, one in dutch (the red Arrow in the picture attached points to the dutch header text of the dutch email) and one in Danish (?) / Swedish (?) / Norwegian (?). The blue arrows in the picture attached point to the danish (?? or swedish ?? or norwegian ??) text header of the email.

    - And that got me worried. Is the email adress shown a legitimate email adress from Piriform ? Or is this spam ? Is this an attempt of phising from someone who used an email adress that's (remarkebly) similar to a legitimate adress used by CCleaner ?


  9. - For those who use Outlook Express Classic:

    [OE Classic *]


    (The last 3 "ExcludeKey" entries make sure that the spelling checker doesn't get "wiped out")


    - Questions:

    1) Does it matter that "ExcludeKey1=" comes after "FileKey=" ?? Would it matter if I would reverse the sequence and put "ExcludeKey=" before "FileKey=" ??

    2) Was this already included in a previous "Winapp2.ini" ?? I got these entries through the program CCEnhancer (not supported by the folks of CCleaner and use it therefore at your own risk).

  10. - "Stephen CCleaner" wrote on the "Wilders Security" forum:

    "Farewell to Windows XP & Vista ( ; _ ; )
    - Version 5.64.7577 is the final planned build for Windows XP and Vista
    - This version will only receive critical security updates
    - Read our help article for further information and assistance"

    (Source: https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/ccleaner-v5.370654/page-53#post-2899082 )

    - Does this mean that future CCleaner versions will see:

          1) the support for Windows XP & Vista removed ?

           2) or that future versions don't get any updates for XP & Vista anymore and that the user has to make do with the existing Win XP & Vista support in CCleaner ?

  11. - People who (regularly) visit the website YouTube with the Internet Explorer (e.g. version 11) browser (like me) will see a banner that says that Youtube is going to end support for Internet Explorer in the ((very) near ??) future. (They didn't mention a date when this support will be ended.) Those people are encourged to upgrade to Edge, Opera, Chrome or Firefox. (Not to other browsers ??).

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