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  1. - Perhaps the SPECCY server needs PcWinTech's CLEANMEM to be installed as well ......................
  2. (I know this answer has been posted in a different thread but I think it's more appropriate to post the answer in this thread) - Piriform could add a date to the URL of the SPECCY snapshot. Then it will be much easier to delete all snapshots that are older than say 3, 4, or say 5 years. It's my opinion that after say 5 years the SPECCY snapshot is outdated anyway.
  3. - I would suggest to add a date/year to the URL of the SPECCY snapshot. And delete the snapshot after say 3, 4 or 5 years (that's the date in URL for). After that amount of time the snapshot is (more than) outdated anyway. I think it will free up A LOT OF disk space. The user Always can make a snapshot in *.txt format and store it for later use. - Or delete the snapshot after it hasn't been accessed for say 3, 4 or 5 years.
  4. - Support for IMAP in OEC is essential if the program wants to become a serious competitor for any other email program. - Users of the latest Outlook Express Classic PRO version (released june 1, 2019) are encouraged to use/test the program and see whether or not the program code still contains one or more IMAP related bugs. If so, please report them to the OEC developers. - I would LOVE to test the latest OEC version for IMAP related bugs but due to very specific reasons (No, no details !!!) I am not able to do so.
  5. - OE Classic has reached a milestone. It now supports IMAP. The version that has been released is a socalled "Beta" version. But the developers seem to be/are confident enough to release this BETA version to the users of the PRO version. - For details on what has been improved/updated with each new version I would refer to one thread from the "Wilders Security" forum: https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/oe-classic-discussions-and-updates.393261/
  6. - The GUI of Defraggler needs to be improved. When DF has generated a list with files, the user can select / highlight one file in that list. - When the user has selected on file in the list, the user is able to sort the list on file (name), fragments, size, ........ etc. But then it's very likely that the highlighted file (name) moves out of the visible part of the GUI, the visible part of the file list. I would like to see that the selected file / line remains in the visible part of the GUI / file list.
  7. - Try if running Tweaking's Windows Repair solves the problem. https://www.tweaking.com/content/page/windows_repair_all_in_one.html - and report back if it helped to fix the problem.
  8. Willy2

    .NET Framework 4.8

    - Piriform could choose to update SPECCY right away for this new .NET version only. And could wait with other less urgent SPECCY improvements / updates at a more appropriate time, at a later date.
  9. Willy2

    .NET Framework 4.8

    - Here an article with some more details: https://www.itechtics.com/download-net-framework-4-8/ - A link to the "Offline Installer" for the NET Framework software: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2088631
  10. Willy2

    .NET Framework 4.8

    - Microsoft released a new version of the NET Framework. It's version v4.8. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/dotnet/announcing-the-net-framework-4-8/ The article above is dated april 18, 2019. - Time for a new version of SPECCY ????? - Download webpage for all (available) NET software (from v3.5 SP1 up to v4.8): https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework
  11. - Thanks for the answers so far. I still some more questions (even after doing some GOOGLE-ing) - Someone said that when I use the Media Creation tool then I still can get a free transition to Windows 10. Is this true ? It sounds too good to be true. - How does this work with the Win7 license key ? Is it transformed to a Win10 license key ? Can I still use it when I want to back to Win7 ? Or can I use it for both Win10 & Win7 ? - I also read that in some cases users want to go back to e.g. Win7. I assume that that is only possible when I upgrade and not when I use the media creation tool ? - SPECCY: tried to make a new snapshot and upload it but to no avail ("Service Unvailable"). Is SPECCY going to be "phased out" and is this the 1st step to discourage the usage of the program ? - Disk space is not a problem (500 GB SSD) and I Always can delete several GBs (got it nearly all the content of my SSD backed up) to free up space.
  12. - After january 2020 Microsoft won't support Window 7 anymore. - I am already thinking about moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I would prefer to install Win10 on the laptop I now have (see the system setup in my signature). But I fear that the biggest hurdle is going to be the system drivers for my system. Can I install those drivers on a Win10 system as well ? The support website for my system suggests that I can't install those drivers on a Win10 system. Is Windows10 smart enough to provide those drivers as well ? Or is MS able to provide those drivers ? - I also fear that my system is too old to be able to upgrade to Win10. The laptop was produced in 2011/2012 already some 8 years ago. - In a discussion on the "Wilders Security" forum someone commented that installing those drivers wouldn't be a problem. But I am not convinced it will work. https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/survey-predicts-the-rise-of-windows-7-zombies.417270/ - Is there anyone who can shed some light on this matter ?
  13. - Outlook Express Classic has an option that tries to automatically configure the settings for a(n) (new) account. This is done with the "Auto Config" button in the "Accounts" menus (Tools > Accounts > Properties > Basic). When the user clicks on that "Auto Config" button then OEC seeks through a list with known settings for a number of domains. - If the "Auto Config" button doesn't work then the list doesn't (yet) contain the settings for that email provider/domain. In that case the user can help to improve OEC by submitting his/her email/domain settings to the developers of OEC. Send them an email with e.g. screenshots of one's settings and/or provide an weblink to the webpage where those settings are listed. Then the developers will add those settings to their database.
  14. - POPMAN (v1.3.8) http://www.ch-software.de/popman/ Quote from the webpage: "What is PopMan? - PopMan is a POP3 and IMAP4 manager. It can be used to list all e-mails received on your incoming mail server, without having to load these mails completely. Unwanted e-mails can be deleted directly from the server. - You can use PopMan to check your e-mail accounts in the background. When new e-mails arrive, you will be notified. - To show you whether e-mails contain useful information, or whether they are just spam, PopMan provides a preview functionality. You can use this preview pane to read the text-based content of your e-mails – whether they are plain text or HTML. - In contrast to most e-mail programs, reading mail with PopMan is absolutely secure. There is no threat of executing dangerous code or being infected with viruses." - I still use POP3 for my email program (Outlook Express Classic v3.0) and POPMAN gives me a user friendly software GUI to manage (e.g. read and delete) one or more emails that are stored on the server of my email service provider BEFORE I allow those emails to be downloaded. I DO hope that with the help of the program I am able to reduce the amount of spam even more. - Yes, my email service provider has a website where I can manage (e.g. read & delete) my emails as well. But the GUI of that website is NOT user friendly, is outright horrible !!!! E.g. it's a nightmare to sort the emails on e.g. sender, subject, date received, etc. Although the POPMAN GUI is fairly minimal, it provides, in this regard, a (MUCH) better and user friendlier GUI. I have been using the program for about a week and wish I had come across the program much much earlier.
  15. - In the previous post, I confused the date of the articles with the date of release of the updates. And then the info in the articles start to make sense. - The "Microsoft Update Catalogue" website says that KB 4498206 was released on May 11, 2019. But KB 4505050 was issued on May 18, 2019.
  16. - Microsoft issued a "Cumulative Update" for Windows 7, on May 18, 2019. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4505050/cumulative-update-for-internet-explorer - And today (May 20, 2019) Microsoft issued a "Cumulative SECURITY Update": https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4498206/cumulative-security-update-for-internet-explorer-may-20-2019 Read the articles below for all the details !!!!
  17. - I came across the following text on the Outlook Classic website (posted: October 1, 2016): "In other news, we are testing IMAP support. It works already and internal builds can connect to a server and fetch messages. But there is a lot of work in tweaking it properly and adding it to the user-interface in a user friendly manner. We'll get there and we will keep you informed." - Source: https://www.oeclassic.com/news
  18. - I tried it today but the browser is still missing a number of things. - It can be used on a Win 8, Win 10 and even on a Win 7 system. Seems MS is very serious/determined to get this right. - First impression: It seems to be running fast/smoothly and with a lower CPU usage. But I must test/use the program more before I make a final decision whether or not I am going to use it more frequently. Internet Explorer 11 still has a number advantages over Edge. - I downloaded it from the following weblink: https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/microsoft_edge.html
  19. - It also could be a "permission" problem. If you don't have the right permission then Defraggler won't touch/move those files. - There is a program that can set all the proper permissions (for the registry and file) called "Tweaking's Windows Repair". Try it and report back if fragmentation has gone lower.
  20. - Outlook Express Classic v2.9 (both the free & PRO version) released.
  21. @Mrs. Jones: - With this kind of problems I would recommend to run Tweaking's Windows Repair. it can fix a whole range of things in Windows. I am not convinced that an IE 11 update would have fixed your problem. - After Installing the latest Internet Explorer 11 Cumulative Update Windows Update recommended one general and one "Stack Update" patch. i can't figure out why and how this happened and if this is IE 11 related. I am sure there is a clear logic behind all this but I can't see what the logic is supposed to be.
  22. - I think there is no reason to release a new version of SPECCY. Otherwise the good folks at Piriform would have done so.
  23. - Currently the amount of languages supported by OEC has increased to 21. People who want to help to translate the program in more languages are still very welcome.
  24. - Perhaps some other program is very busy at the same time ? If so then try to increase the delay with which the program is run would help to fix this problem. The program uses Task Scheduler to be started. - Post your problem on the Tweaking.com forum website.
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