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  1. Does this new version fully support Safari 4 beta?
  2. JV16 can get REALLY aggressive but i think that ccleaners registry cleaner is as good as it should be i know that it is mainly a temp cleaning software but if its registry cleaner could be as good as its "cleaner" then none would need the expensive registry cleaners like Registry Mechanic which ant good nor too aggressive but its a standard registy cleaner "I have to apologise in advance for this topic. Please do not construe this as a complaint, or otherwise an attempt to decry an excellent product. This is merely an observation."the same goes for me CCleaner is in my favourite 3 progra
  3. 1st of all sorry for my English . i agree with inferi0r and i would also like to see some icons so that some people who don't have an idea what msnmsgr is realize that its the good old MSN/Live Messenger . Also i would like to see a description like tuneup utilities so that we know what it essencial
  4. 1st of All sorry for my English. I agree with Sam it would be great ,not many programs do that and it would be great for CCleaner to have such a feature.Of course it should be placed under a new category like "very important" or something like that and the warning should be in UPPERCASE and Bold so that everyone would pay attention to it.
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