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  1. Thanks for trying everyone. I guess there's nothing I can do to fix it. At least I didn't pay too much money.
  2. About a month ago I purchased a 16gb flash drive off eBay. I just recently passed the 1gb mark of used space and now nothing new will stay saved on the drive. Transferring it to the drive is fine, but once I unplug it and plug it back in, the file remains but it is always empty. This happens every time and I've tried with several different folders. I can't return it because the guy is no longer a member of eBay (how convenient!). I'm not extremely upset because I paid roughly the same amount as a 1gb flash drive would cost at the store, but I expected 16gb and now I have all these folders sitting around on my computer just taking up space. This isn't the product I have, but the packaging is identical. Does anyone know something I can do to fix this? I've already formatted it numerous times with everything being fine until I get to about 1.3gb used.
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