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  1. CRoz

    Java problem

    Yes now installed and with Opera works in Secuina but FF shows this might problem loaading java and in Control Panel still no Icons.........
  2. CRoz

    Java problem

    Hi im trying to install Java (jre-6u10-windows-x64) but after installed it not shows in Control Panel ..i reinstalled it again and it not shows in startup too and im trying to Scan in Secunia and it gave me message Java must be installed or i dont have java installed . What im doing wrong..any advice
  3. Hi Here again with many questions ...i wants to be clear and sure before use it ........and from this forum im getting very nice help......and learning . I'm thinking to use Hostman becoz i think its bit easier for new user to control ..i mean enable or disable hostfile if i needed like @YoKenny mentioned. But if i install hostman i need to install hostfile first or not necessary...??? Yes i read that link but this line is not clear to me: Note: do NOT run Windows Vista with UAC turned off as this also turns off the "Protected Mode" in Internet Explorer. My UAC is turned off ,I don't like this very annoying And in that link nothing about Uninstall this if later any problem ?? or i missed it.......... Again thanks everybody............
  4. Thanks for all reply I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit so this gonna be placed on same folder like as XP C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc or different folder ??? This host file will update automatically or i have to do it manually??? Any possibility to conflict with other security system or antispyware software?? Many questions ...better to be secured......... Regards...... CRoz
  5. Hi How can i use or add hphost or hostfile in opera browser??In opera they have Fraud detection :Is hostfile and fraud detection almost same ??
  6. Hi I installed WOT in FF 3 my question is if this is necessary to Register and if i can use this in other browsers too like IE or Opera and if possible how??Sorry if this is not topic related .... Thanks.........
  7. CRoz

    Spam mail

    Thanks for reply Yes i read about this topics but if i dont open this spam mail thn its not problem right??I delete all from spam folder all the time and if i create new gmail account this will stop.....or this going to be same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hi My mail box(Spam Folder)full of spam mail MSNBC Breaking News...how can i stop this?? I tried with Gmail spam filter but not works....I deleted all of this mail .This is very annoying... Any advice................. Regards Croz
  9. CRoz

    ADD on for IE

    Thanks davey but i dont have this ICON anymore in the IE status bar thats the problem this is suddenly dissappear
  10. CRoz

    ADD on for IE

    Thanks .... But now problem is i was one site today and message came Adobe Flash player or something like that i have to install and maybe i click Cancel(This is enable in IE7pro) and thn IEpro icon gone from bottom of the screen and now all Addvertise banner again popedup...........how can i get this back
  11. CRoz

    ADD on for IE

    Hi If thr is any ADD on for IE 7 Like Firefox ADD Blocks or No script??wants to get rid of ADvertisement and banner....... Thanks
  12. Hi Someone can help me or suggest me about My Computers security and antuvirus program.Im using Windows Firewall and Nod32 Antivirus and Windows Defender is On but problem is my son he use my Pc often and when he use he always get partypoker or this kind of Popup window so im very worried about this ........How can i stop this kind of Popup .My Popup blocker settings Medium... or maybe i need to use someother kind of software(like Spyboot or antimalware software) Any help would be highly appriciated.......
  13. CRoz

    Registry Restore

    Thanks again and i read from your given link but thr is diffrent s kind of opinions Like with Vista works and many says not works... if u have any other software advice that is easy and dont use lots memory............
  14. CRoz

    Registry Restore

    Thanks for help i really mean that ...Great forum..u can get instant help . So u suggest me to Uninstall it And install it again but for example if i install it another drive thn any problem??? and whn this message will come that erunt will save backup in Windows Directory what should i do or i can browse or choose where i wants to save ???
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